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Can you identify fonts and pantone colours?

Did you know that if you come across a great online font and what to know what it is, or need to quickly identify specific website pantone colours, there is a way?

Don’t believe everything you read!

88% of consumers trust online reviews, as much as personal recommendations. So it’s no surprise that some businesses, from time to time, feel the need to fake reviews

Don’t prioritise cool over usability

When it comes to websites we need the information presented to us quickly and succinctly, as we don’t have the patience to be endlessly scrolling or wandering into a no man’s land of layout cul-de-sacs.

Time to ditch the pen and paper?

What do you do when you have an idea, or hear something that you want to remember? Do you look for a piece of paper and a pen and get scribbling, or have you embraced technology and instead opt for something a little more modern?

Mission Possible!

When it comes to working on projects where privacy and confidentiality are essential, we're happy to say that we are rather good at it. Maybe that’s because we’ve certainly had plenty of practice.

Are you exhibition season ready?

After more than two years of none, or extraordinarily few, face-to-face events, it’s great news that we are slowly going back to physical exhibitions, conferences, events, shows and of course networking.

Is it me?

There’s nothing more frustrating than navigating to a website to find that you can’t access it, and all you get instead is Google’s apologetic robot informing you that an error has occurred.

Your business is much more than your logo

On its own, your logo is NOT important. Yes, you heard that right, a designer playing down the benefits of a carefully designed, bespoke logo. That’s unheard of surely?!

All JPEGs are not the same

It’s not unusual as designers to ask our clients for a large jpeg image and to be presented with something that’s not quite big enough for what it’s needed for.
If you make your business about helping others,
you’ll always have plenty of work.

Chris Guillebeau, Author

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