Use your head(er) but not too much…

Most of use at least one social media platform for business and in our personal lives, and each one allows us to personalise our pages, but what is the best way to do this? The imagery you use and the way you use it says a lot about you, and your business so be careful.  [Read more…]

No such thing as “that’ll do”

Our research has shown that a significant proportion of companies have concerns about hiring a designer or design agency. Some don’t know what to expect, some worry it is going to be a painful or drawn-out affair and there are those with concerns that they might not get what they want, or won’t like the  [Read more…]

Always assume it is wrong…

Proofing a document is easy isn’t? You just ‘take a look at it’, right? Wrong, and here’s why… Looks good to me… It’s natural when viewing a piece of marketing material you’ve created yourself (or commissioned someone to create), to look at it with the wrong ‘set of eyes’. “but…” I hear you cry “…I  [Read more…]

Communicate clearly – say what you do

I have been working on an ongoing project to improve the Pixooma CRM database (such as add ‘Industry’ tags) and cleanse the data, which will benefit our own marketing and also to help with searches when a member of my network says “Do you know someone who does…?”. In doing so it demonstrated a number  [Read more…]

Think of a number…

How much would you pay for a logo? Take a moment to think and then make a mental note of it down as I’ll refer to it later. But first… The perennial problem of pricing Despite a wealth of advice around how to price your services as a small business, it can still can be very difficult  [Read more…]

Why pretend to be infallible?

I have worked with a number of people over the years who felt it was a weakness to admit not knowing the answer to a client question or to suggest that there isn’t one single ‘correct’ answer, but I have never subscribed to this view. In fact, I see it as a strength rather than a  [Read more…]

Help us to help you…

Given that we live and breathe our businesses daily it is simply too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone is as familiar with our brands as we are. A key tenet of good branding is ‘consistency’ and when done correctly this can mean that you start to worry that you might be  [Read more…]

The man with two brains

Since starting my own business I’ve realised that you almost instantly have to adapt and create two different versions of yourself, especially when it comes to finances… Investment vs cost When I first started on the path to running my own creative agency one of the first things I did was consider joining the Federation  [Read more…]

You haven’t bought a pizza yet

There is a worrying new trend in email mass marketing and one which frankly disappoints and infuriates me in equal measure, I am sure you have seen it as well… Bully boy tactics It starts with a ‘cold’ email offering their services, most often SEO or web development. The email talks about how great they  [Read more…]

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