An internal brand to be proud of

Ultima displays is a relatively new company having been started in Kettering in 1999, but in that short time, it has grown to become the largest trade-only supplier of exhibition materials in the UK with revenues in excess of £18m and offices throughout Europe. Ultima’s new UK CEO, Osvaldo Gallio was concerned that the rapid evolution of the company had meant that there was no consistent internal identity for the staff and that the company values were not as clearly communicated throughout the business.

Pixooma was asked to help Ultima Displays on a number of projects that were designed to provide an internal ‘brand’ to clearly communicate the company values, and provide an identity and vision that all the staff could be proud of. The core values of Ultima Display’s internal identity are summed up in the acronym: CARE which stands for Communication, Action, Respect and Empathy. The company needed Pixooma to create an identity for the CARE initiative and also something that could be used for the four individual elements C.A.R and E.

We explored a number of options for the design of the icon family and the chosen approach was one that used a mirrored version of the Ultima Displays logo to create a heart shape and which could be used in conjunction with relevant icons and the CARE name itself. The master version uses the corporate red and grey, but a new palette of colours was also developed for the CARE programme and single colour versions (one for each colour in the palette) were developed.

The company was very pleased with the outcome of this vital branding project and have used it to great effect throughout the company on posters, internal communications and printed literature to help promote the values company-wide.

ultima displays logo

Ultima Displays corporate logo

ultima displays care icons two colour

Two colour CARE logos

Ultima Uisplays single colour care icons

Single colour CARE logos

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