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Occasionally we need to send large files over the Internet, but we all know that our email software has its limits. Your own provider might enable you to send a 25MB file without issues, but sometimes your luck runs out and the person who you are sending to cannot receive it, as their system is limited to 10MB.

So, with such a frustrating and energy zapping activity, how can we get round IT administrator file limits without spending lots of time and money on expensive alternatives?

As designers, we often transfer files to our clients or our suppliers that are too big for most email systems

Big choice

Since we last researched the choices for transferring large files, it seems as if the options have increased. There are lots of new providers who have entered the marketplace and are all keen to offer their shiny new wares. However, having done some research, and of course played around with a few, these are our recommendations for getting large amounts of data, or large files, from A to B quickly and efficiently:

Use file compression software, like WinZip, WinRAR and 7-Zip to reduce the size of the file meaning it can be emailed more easily.

Upload your files to a cloud storage service, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or iCloud, and then simply share a link or give someone access to the file.

Use a file transfer site, like We Transfer, DropSend, Jumpshare or Securely Send to share your files. Plus, if you download the relevant app/icon, you can just simply drag and drop files into it.

Size matters

As designers, we often transfer files to our clients or our suppliers (printers in most cases) that are too big for the email system. In these instances, we always gravitate towards file transfer sites. We love WeTransfer because it’s:


Fast - allows us to transfer up to 2GB (that's 2000mb) of files to up to three different email addresses and you don't even need to have a login!

Issues a notification of when the file has been sent and an another one when the recipient has downloaded it. So, no more excuses from people who say they haven’t received it!

Free and Secure!

Another good thing about file transfer sites is that most of these options, and once again size does come into it, are free for data limits that fit into what most of us need. In addition, the files are sent quickly and securely, as in almost all cases the content has been encrypted.

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