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Cloud accounting has really taken off in the last few years and in recent months it’s become an absolute necessity. At Pixooma we were early adopters of Xero – other cloud accounting systems are available – but it’s safe to say that since using we started using it, we have not looked back.

Financial answers at the touch of a button

Without Xero, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today. Not only does it save us valuable time, but it also makes us more efficient. No more hours of pointless admin as we print invoices, reports, statements, update Excel spreadsheets, try to find missing bits of paperwork or locate errant payments. Instead, we've benefited from a streamlined, simple-to-use system where we can find out in an instant, what we need to know about the financial state of our business.

Without Xero, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today. Not only does it save us valuable time, but it also makes us more efficient.

There are many benefits of using Xero, here are some of the main ones:

Easy to use, even without in-depth accounting knowledge

Helpful and clear dashboard display

Competitively priced - a three-tier pricing system with no added extras

Provides a direct link to our business bank accounts, so invoices and payments can be reconciled quickly

Accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, at any time

Safe and secure two-Factor authentication

GDPR compliant

Automates many financial tasks i.e. manually reconciling BACS payments using a printed statement

Issues invoices by email, with an online link and/or a PDF attachment

Generates VAT statements so we can then submit them with a click of a button

Creates a vast array of reports - profit and loss, month-to-month comparisons etc.

Operates interactive credit control

Enables our accountant to be able to access our accounts at any time without sifting through boxes of receipts and paperwork

Reduces need for a bookkeeper and keeps accountancy bill cost-competitive

Seamless integration

One other great thing about Xero is how it seamlessly it integrates with other software and apps. We have successful linked it with our Direct Debit system – GoCardless, our CRM system – Capsule, our business plan software - Liveplan and our cashflow app – Float.

Xero is obviously not the only cloud-accounting application available, but it is widely used by many accountants. Look at Xero here or ask your accountant what cloud app they recommend. In our opinion, it’s an investment in your business that you are unlikely to regret. To get more tips on time-saving tools and apps, simply sign up to receive our regular emails.

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