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When someone suggests a new tool or app, we get excited and want to try it out for ourselves. So, when Loom (the video messaging tool) was mentioned recently by one of our trusted partners, we dived straight in and got to grips with a free trial.

Keen to see how it performed in what is now a competitive arena (we’ve already got Teams, Zoom, Skype, Facetime etc), we recorded a video (and our screen), invited a colleague to connect and let them view and comment on the short video we had made.

Loom is a great way of explaining things to clients or demonstrating something visually rather than opting for lots of text in an email

Demonstrate, teach or explain

Overall, it was easy to use, and the results looked professional. There is an app (android) and a desktop version for MAC and windows.

Loom is a great way of explaining things to clients or demonstrating something visually rather than opting for lots of text in an email. The free version has lots of functionality. You can:

Have up to 50 video creators.

Make up to 25 videos of 5 mins duration each

Have unlimited screenshots

Record in HD

Create a transcript of your video and benefit from the captions tool

Integrate it with Slack, Gmail, Dropbox etc.

Edit your video once you have recorded it. Great to be able to get rid of ums and errs

Lots of uses

In our experience, this app would work for welcome videos on your website, product demonstrations, or online training. It also seems popular for organisations where they need to provide customer support, help and guidance to remote workers.

And when it comes to proofing or checking a document it would also work well. We could also use it as a collaboration tool with team members and trusted partners for specific projects. And thanks to the ability to personalise your videos, we believe this would help increase engagement too.

One of the biggest advantages is that once the video is finished, it’s ready to be published and/or shared on social networks. Simply send someone a bespoke URL rather than downloading a large video file.

Minor niggles

In terms of disadvantages, it’s really all about the aesthetics. We struggled to upload any imagery for the background, including our branded items. Loom have their own templates, but they seemed a little too cheesy. You can however do a coloured canvas or a background, but we didn’t manage to make that happen.

Also, the editing software is a little limited, in time you might want to record videos longer than 5 mins, and when it comes to security there are limitations. If this presents a stumbling block, then you could upgrade your account and pay for their business or enterprise versions.

For more information on how this $1.53 Billion video company can revolutionise remote work, making it easier and faster to communicate with clients and teammates, visit the Loom website, or take a look at how we used Loom in a recent article on hierarchy in design!

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