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There’s no disputing the fact that we’ve all been on more online calls, meetings and events than ever before. Whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Duo, GoToMeeting, Join.Me etc. we have all become a little bit more conscious about how we look, how we come across and of course our office background.

Choose the best room

Let’s face it we’ve all had those calls where you have become obsessed with what is going on behind the person you are talking to, whether it’s a messy room, an interrupting dog or child, inadequate lighting or some naff accessories. Of course, it goes without saying that you should choose the best room for your call, set up the lighting, clean and remove any distractions, but what else should you be doing?

At Pixooma, we decided at the start of 2020 to do something about the backdrop for our video calls. We considered a virtual background, but after some research and epic fails, not all ours, (let’s face it the Wickes TV ad shows brilliantly what can happen when things go wrong), we decided that there had to be another way. Because let’s face it, if you dare to move with a virtual background, the results are hugely disappointing to anyone who can see you.

Over time they have become a recognisable feature and we still get some very encouraging comments from people who we have had video calls with.

Keep it simple

As many of you will have seen when you’ve been on a call with us, instead of huge flashy banners and the complexity of green screens, we have opted for something simple. We designed our own graphics of course and then worked with one of our trusted print partners to print the images onto a series of boards. These are hung on the back of our office door (which is always shut during a call) and on the wall behind us in the Pixooma office.

They are on brand and have minimal content or text. However, over time they have become a recognisable feature and we still get some very encouraging comments from people who we have had video calls with. We like to think of them as branding wallpaper. Essentially you know it’s us, you can see what we do, but we haven’t lost sight of the fact that we work in a home office, not in a massive corporate office overlooking the sea. And let’s face it, you need to be authentic in today’s busy and crowded online marketplace.

This one visually and simply illustrates the range of design work that we do for our clients
This board is mounted on the back of the door and is an adaptation of our well-recognised roller banner

Showcase your brand

If you are struggling to get the right background for your video calls, then let us know, we are very creative and thanks to partnerships with some amazing suppliers, we can help you to achieve a background that showcases you and your brand and more importantly works no matter what you are doing in the foreground.

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