How many

is TOO many?


Revisions are a natural part of the design process and they cannot (and should not) be avoided. When you engage a graphic designer, you should be aware of their revision process. You should find out whether they are offering a defined number of client amends, or unlimited amends.

Unlimited amends – pain or privilege?

As a client you need to be able to feedback to your designer on their work with appropriate comments, amends and changes, so you end up with a marketing piece which is working as hard as it should be. Obviously, the ideal situation is to send feedback when you have it and know that you are not restricted by a set number of rounds. Because let’s face it, we are only human and occasionally can miss an obvious error or have a last-minute change of emphasis or focus.

So, whilst some designers limit the number of revisions and charge extra for additional rounds of amends, at Pixooma we operate differently. We want our clients to keep in touch with us, so our communication channels remain open and unrestricted and our approach continues to be both flexible and professional - therefore we offer no restriction on the number of amends.

If we are working with you, we want our relationship to feel inclusive and most of all we want you to know that you are:

Listened to

An integral and valued part of the process

Encouraged to provide input and feedback along the way

Start as you mean to go on?

For us it’s all about setting client expectations right from the beginning. At our kick-off meeting, we take the time to find out everything we can about our client, their industry and of course the objectives and goals for the project they need assistance with.

We always aim for a mutually beneficial collaboration, where we respect each other's time and ideas at every stage of the design process. So, our proposals always include information about the revision process.

We have found that the more transparent and informative we are upfront, the less confused and more organised our clients are.

Transparent and informative

We also keep clients informed at each stage of the design process with agreed timelines and noting who is responsible for what moving forwards. To date, we have found that the more transparent and informative we are upfront, the less confused and more organised our clients are.

From experience we know our diligence and attention to detail at the beginning of an important client relationships helps to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts throughout the remainder of the process. And the result is happy clients who are keen to use our services again and refer us to others too – what’s not to love about that!

Offering no restriction on client revisions suits our business. It enables us to share creativity, refine our client communications and develop positive relationships that are crucial to shared business success.

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