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There are few things more frustrating than navigating to a website to find that you can’t access it. And nothing is more annoying than when it’s your own. So instead of a welcoming homepage and lots of lovely information that you were expecting to see, all you get instead is Google’s apologetic robot informing you that an error has occurred.

Sometimes you try everything, checking the spelling, attempting to open it on another device, testing your modem/router, restarting your computer, or clearing your cache, to ensure normal service resumes but what if the error persists, what then?

Simply type the webpage you are trying to get to into the search box, and it'll quickly show whether the problem is local to you or if the site is experiencing problems

Plenty of reasons

There may be lots of different causes for the non-availability of some websites over a given period. Here are a number of reasons why you may be struggling:

An unreliable wi-fi connection

High levels of web-traffic

ISP problems

Browser incompatibility

Firewall blocking access

Site issues meaning it’s not working either temporarily or permanently

Whatever the reason, you can end up wasting lots of time and effort. And sometimes at the back of your mind you are wondering whether it’s you or something else that is completely beyond your control.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way of finding out whether there was an issue with it quickly and without any hassle? Well, fortunately there is and whilst there are lots of similar free tools that offer a great service, we go to We’ve used it for years and have found it to be reliable, accurate and very helpful every time.

Simple and effective

Simply type the webpage you are trying to get to into the search box, and it'll quickly show whether the problem is local to you (so you can sort it out), or if the site is experiencing problems (so you can stop wasting time and come back later when it’s been fixed).

Essentially it performs a site status test in real time and comes back with meaningful information, and if necessary details further steps to take. In only a few seconds, it reports on the website status, response time, response code and tells you if there have been any reported outages in the last 24 hours, including helpful maps. It also has some very useful troubleshooting instructions so you can get to the bottom of any issues you may still be having.

So next time you’re not sure, don’t waste time, just use and you’ll know the answer.

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