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As designers, we love to build brands that are unique, iconic and distinctive. Whether it’s a brand refresh, or creating a new identity from scratch, we strive to ensure your branding communicates your purpose or proposition and provides a positive, lasting impression to your target audience.

More than a logo

It’s not rocket science to understand that your branding is more than just your logo. There are lots of different parts to your branding and whilst your logo plays its part, there are other visual elements that need to be considered too. These include your slogan/strapline, colour, image, shape, graphics and typography.

In addition, there are some less tangible, but nevertheless valuable, other essentials too. Everything from your brand values, story, promise, positioning and culture, to voice, personality, areas of differentiation and user experience.  For successful branding you need the two areas to synchronise and what can help this is to happen is by having a brand strategy.

Let’s face it, if you can’t clearly articulate what makes you different, and in some cases better, then how can anyone else?

Influence perception

A brand strategy not only defines what you are and what you stand for, but it also sums up what sets you apart from your competition and how you want your customers to perceive you. It also helps you to clarify your direction and define how you are going to get there. Because, let’s face it, if you can’t clearly articulate what makes you different, and in some cases better, then how can anyone else?

Create impact

In the last 25 years of creating and working with brands of all sizes and types and across a range of sectors, we believe that building a good brand and creating tangible impact comes down to the following 10 key things:


Having a unique voice

Expressing your purpose and personality

Being recognisable

Being consistent

Saying who you are and what you offer

Telling a good story

Delivering the promised experience

Empowering your customers

Developing loyalty

To us, branding is an essential part of developing and growing your business. It also represents your human side; your ability to relate to and establish strong emotional connections with your audience. This will drive sales, build trust, generate referrals and recommendations and help with customer retention.

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