Smart dupe recognition

and deletion


We all do it. Save two identical documents (images/design or content files) with different names and then over time struggle to remember which one is which and wonder why we have two. But the worst thing as graphic designers is that suddenly our hard drive space seems a bit full, and we must do something to clear some space. That’s when the arduousness of the task of manually checking each and every file hits home and we feel like giving up.

Smart life saver for Macs

That was however, until we discovered MacPaw’s Gemini 2. It’s been a life saver, saving us oodles of time as it quickly scans your whole disk speed-of-light fast, no matter how massive it is.

MacPaw Gemini 2 is brilliant, it easily tells copies from originals and can locate duplicate files, even if they’re in the most remote corners of your system. Then all you have to do is dig through scan results and hand-pick the files to erase, or alternatively let Smart Select do all the work.

Just like duplicates, similar files are also space wasters. But Gemini 2 is good at spotting files that look alike too. Then its up to you to see how they differ and delete those you don't need. Because let’s face it we all have better use for all the space they occupy! Gemini is smart. But the best thing is that it learns to select duplicates the way you do. Gemini's algorithm remembers what you delete and what you choose to keep. It's like an apprentice you are training.

Regardless of whether you want simple cleaning when you need it, or fully automated maintenance, CCleaner is a good option

The windows option

What could be easier if you are Mac user? However, we're aware that not everyone can be on the right operating system! That’s why we asked Chris Lambert, Technical Director at Datasense to suggest what tool can efficiently find and delete duplicate files, as well as speeding up and optimising your Windows PC. Here’s what he said.

“As you would expect, there is plenty of choice. The duplicate removal software that I tend to use is CCleaner®. It’s easy to use and has plenty of extra features that can help to make your PC more efficient including faster start up, better performance, and more room for what really matters."

Chris continued. “Regardless of whether you want simple cleaning when you need it, or fully automated PC maintenance, CCleaner is a good option." Plus, it’s a firm favourite with many people as its website happily proclaims that it has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times!

You can select the standard version, which is called CCleaner Free and benefit from freeing up space, clearing your online tracks and helping you to manage your machine so it runs faster, or opt for CCleaner Professional. For £24.95 a year, it has all the features of Free with the power of automation, so your PC always stays clean, safe and fast.

Boost productivity

So don’t waste hours struggling with duplicate files and an increasingly slow machine, find and use the right tool/app for you and save time, money, free up extra space and boost productivity.

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