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All of us use apps in our personal and working lives. In recent years, they have seamlessly ingratiated themselves into our everyday activities, whether that’s reading, education, business, wellbeing/exercise, communication, entertainment, lifestyle, productivity, travel or gaming. But whilst we love an app, at Pixooma we still have a hankering for a book.

After there’s nothing nicer than the tangibility of a real book. You can hold it, turn the pages and feel the paper, plus you can put them on your bookshelves, something that an e-reader can't do. And then there’s the colourful cover, illustrations and the ability to turn the page down for easy reference later. And don’t get us started on bookmarks!

What type of book lover are you? Do you struggle to part with them because you think you might read it again, or are you less emotional about them?

Book cull

However, if your passion for print is anything like ours, you'll probably regularly need to have a clear out. Recently Pixooma's directors, Mark and Jo had a cull and sent another 100 books to charity -  including reducing their rather large cookbook collection. They now only have 75 cookbooks instead of the original 90 to peruse – but that’s ok, they can always buy more later!

Read and refer

What type of book lover are you? Do you struggle to part with them because you think you might read it again, or are you less emotional about them? Some people, usually those with e-readers, see buying a book and keeping it forever as a waste of money. They believe you could put that money towards a meal out or a cinema/theatre ticket but then what? After the experience, everything is gone – there is nothing to keep. At least with a book it’s still there to read again.

When it comes to business books, we also prefer ours in paper format. We often find they need re-reading to get all the nuances and detail, plus sometimes you want reminding about a particular area and that’s easier with a real book. And when it comes to writing articles and blogs, we find that there’s nothing like a library of actual physical books to refer

Current favourites

Our latest favourites that we want to highlight are:

The Pumpkin Plan - Mike Michalowicz. Learn how to specialise and focusing on your target market.

Troublesome Words - Bill Bryson’s. A playful and riddlesome guide to the English language.

Logo Life - Ron van der Vlugt. A fascinating life history of 100 famous brand logos.

Design. Think, Make. Break. Repeat – Martin Tomisch. The changing role of design as a way of thinking and a framework for solving complex problems and achieving systemic change.

75 Tools for Creative Thinking – Not so much a book, but a creative card deck toolbox which guides you to be creative at the different stages of any process or situation where new ideas are desired.

Plus let’s not forget the English dictionary and a thesaurus - absolute essentials for everything we do.

Put simply at Pixooma, every day is a school day. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been working in our chosen field; we do not know everything and never will. We find that books can provide nuggets of useful information to enhance our knowledge, skills and understanding, meaning we can continue to offer our clients the best graphic design service available.

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