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When it comes to putting together a graphical presentation that will wow clients, prospects and other business contacts, there is a choice of software to use. Obviously, there are the more well-known ones like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Zoho Show and Canva. But in addition, there’s a very different option that you might like to try, and it’s called Prezi.

What is Prezi?

A Prezi is a presentation of text and visuals that you zoom in and out of. Instead of making lots of slides, you make one big Prezi (large canvas) and pan around various parts of it to emphasise the ideas that are presented within. With a mix of text, images and videos, there is plenty of scope to get creative.

Once you can get your head around the interface, you can achieve some amazingly visual results

Engaging and creative

To us, it’s a little more dynamic than PowerPoint. Essentially, it’s a visual and interactive mind map, where you interact with different elements on a virtual canvas. And once you can get your head around the interface, you can achieve some amazingly visual results. It can be quite fiddly to begin with, but thanks to a wealth of templates and lots of online help and guidance, you too can get onboard and create an engaging Prezi.

Like every tool or app that we feature, we like to present its advantages and disadvantages, so you can get a balanced view of whether this is something that you would like to try or not.


DESIGN LIBRARY – Prezi has over 100 templates to help you build your presentation.

SIMPLICITY – Prezi has an uncluttered interface with a drag-and-drop editor that’s easy to use.

FEATURES – Prezi lets you create frames that can zoom in and out from one another – perfect for showing how ideas relate to each other.

SHAREABILITY – Up to 10 people can work on a Prezi at once.

COMPATABILITY – Prezi is compatible with both PC and Mac desktops, as well as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. You can also import PowerPoint presentations for conversion.

UNIQUE VISUAL RESULTS – Prezi’s frames and zoom feature is far more engaging than PowerPoint’s typical bullet-point slides, meaning you can do a presentation in a unique way.


DESIGN OPTIONS – Prezi has some limitations when it comes to tools, backgrounds, fonts and colours.

WEB-BASED – Prezi needs the internet for it to be used.

COST – Prezi comes at a cost. A 14-day free trial is available, but then the standard personal plan is £5 per month, whilst the Plus Plan is £15 per month.

EASE-OF-USE – Prezi can be difficult to first use and understand, plus the zoom feature can make some people feel a little like they are experiencing motion sickness

UNDERSTANDING – Prezi will take a little longer for people to understand, as you need to think outside of the box when completing the creative process.

So, if you want to transform static lack-lustre presentations into engaging presentations that tell a story, why not give Prezi a go?

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