Top tips for creating

a striking magazine design


Designing a striking magazine isn’t easy. It takes time and cannot be rushed. Every page, not just the cover, needs to have a quality and stylish look and feel. Whilst fonts, colours, words and images need to be on brand, consistent and capable of conveying the right messaging quickly and easily.

It’s not a simple task but one when you get it right, you will have a winning magazine formula that’s capable of engaging your audience quickly. To ensure your next magazine design looks striking, here are some helpful top tips:

  1. Plan your magazine in detail ensuring it reflects the needs of your audience and meets your own business objectives.

  2. Take your time to get it right. And remember a magazine needs to evolve over time so that it can remain fresh in your audience’s mind.

  3. Ensure the cover is eye-catching and relevant, whilst also including other pertinent information such as title, lead article, main image, issue details, reference to further content etc.

  4. Achieve the right balance between articles, features, stories, images and advertising.

  5. Never forget the beauty of white space on a page for a better reader experience.

  6. Make sure your layout is logical, easy to navigate and understand.

  7. Invest in high quality imagery that is capable of communicating and connecting with your readers.

  8. Look to employ a copywriter or editor to ensure text is written in a chatty and engaging way.

  9. Pay a designer to style it professionally – that way layout, pagination, the edges, bleed etc will get the attention they deserve.

  10. If printing, don’t skimp on the paper quality and make sure you have a glossy cover. If online only, make sure you use professional software to convert it into stylish interactive flipbooks.

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