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Taking great photos has never been easier. Our smartphones are equipped with incredible, high-quality cameras, meaning you can let your creativity run wild without having to spend oodles of money on a professional camera. But what happens next? How can you transform your everyday photos into professional-quality masterpieces?

Polish and professionalism

At some point or other, we’ve all used photo editing software to help correct a variety of issues and make the image look better. Thanks to a dazzling array of options, with every more powerful features, we no longer need to call in the experts to help. We now have the ability to quickly and simply tweak, restore, enhance and improve everything from colour, exposure, sharpening and contrast. In no time at all, we can remove unwanted elements, add new objects or layers, change the background, include filters for a different look and develop our own unique photographic style.

But when it comes to photo editing, we’ve all heard of Adobe Photoshop and some of us might also recognise Lightroom, Canva and CorelDraw. But there are plenty of others available from basic apps, which apply simple effects, to industry-standard programs used by professional photographers. So, whether you just want to shoot with your smartphone and use the images on your social media account, or if you you're a professional photographer working in a studio, having access to the right photo editing software is essential.

Whether you just want to shoot  images for your social media account, or you're a professional photographer working in a studio, having access to the right photo editing software is essential.


Recently at a networking event, someone mention Snapseed. We’d never heard of it; but decided to find out more about it. Owned by Google, Snapseed is a photo-editing application for iOS and Android, there is also a PC version. It sells itself as being “the most capable and powerful photo-editing app in the world. It's rich with tools and features that help the humble creative produce pro-worthy shots with their phone alone.”

Simple swipe functionality

Whilst we haven’t yet tried it out, we know people who have. We were interested to hear that the effects achieved using the simple swipe functionality were fantastic. And it seems as if the app has plenty of advantages, including the following:

Free to use

Comes with professional grade presets and editing tools

Tried and tested by amateur and professional photographers

Offers a plethora of styles and lots of tools


Can edit RAW or JPG files

Simple finger swipe sliders to edit images

No advertisements

However, no app is without niggles, so for the balance of this article, we thought we needed to provide the disadvantages.

Although user friendly, there are things you need to learn before you can be fully confident using it.

Options for saving your work are not very intuitive

You can integrate with your social network, but the options could be clearer

Not the best choice for adding zany or artsy effects

Overall Snapseed is great. Ok so it doesn’t have the same number of features as Photoshop (but you must pay for that), but it is good at adding a certain level of polish and professional quality to your images. We recommend that you have a go (Apple Store / Google Play), see what you think and then let us know.

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