What’s your PUSP?


For many years marketers have been keen to ask business owners what their unique selling point (USP) is. They then tend to go on and use it to focus in and then strengthen their marketing messaging. It seems like a great idea, but the reality is very different.

The problem with a unique selling point is that firstly it sounds like it should be something that no one else offers, and secondly perhaps your only selling point. But in reality, neither is true. That’s because being unique is almost impossible and narrowing down what can sometimes be a massive list to just one solitary point can be challenging.

Unusual not unique

Perhaps therefore it would be better if we all focused instead on having a ‘Pretty Unusual Selling Point”? That way it might be possible to really differentiate what you do, or what you offer, from that of your competitors.

With this in mind, we want you to think about your client offering and decide one thing about your business – product or service related – which is pretty unusual. We then would like to ask you to share it with us on our social media channels. Simply use the following hashtag #pixoomapusp and then add another word, or a few words, which sum up your PUSP.

For complete disclosure however, we thought it only fair to share our own PUSP. As predicted though, we struggled to stick to just one. So here instead are Pixooma’s 5 PUSP’s:

Perhaps it would be better if we all focused instead on having a ‘Pretty Unusual Selling Point”?

1 – 100% satisfaction guarantee

That’s right in the unlikely event there's an issue that arises at any stage during the project, and which we're unable to resolve to your complete satisfaction, we'll offer a refund of all relevant costs paid to that point. But our preference is always to ensure you get the outcome you really need, so wherever possible we'll solve your problem rather than simply reimbursing you for something that wasn't quite right.

2 – One of the top-rated agencies for Google Reviews

Does this make us the best in the country? No, we simply ask for reviews. However, the fact that we ask for a ‘warts n all’ brutally honest review and still get this many 5-star reviews is testament to our high level of service and trust.

3 – All our projects are prices all-inclusive

This means no surprises at billing stage, and we take the hit if our estimates are wrong. Yes, others probably do this, but it’s not the norm. The norm is to either put an estimate based on number of hours multiplied by an hourly rate, or give a project price but with provisos – number of concepts, amends etc.

4 – We are part of the prompt payment code

We expect our customers to pay us promptly, and we pay our suppliers promptly as well. The perceived wisdom is to give little credit to your customers and insist on a longer credit window for your suppliers – leaving the money in your bank longer. We don’t agree. Most of us are small businesses and we are all trying to get paid – so let’s work together on this so everyone is happy.

5 – Proactive project management and timely communications

Stereotypically creatives can be difficult to get hold off, slow to respond, poor at communicating, unreliable or erratic. We’re always happy to be the exception to the rule

Don't forget to share your PUSP(s) with us on social media using #pixoomapusp.

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