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good customer relationships


At Pixooma our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the lifeblood of our business. In fact, it’s so important, we often refer to it as our business brain. It contains all the stuff that we need to remember, meaning we can simply switch off at night knowing our CRM is holding all the details safely.

We use Capsule but other similarly brilliant CRM systems exist, but without it we simply wouldn’t know:

What our daily tasks were

What stage we are at in terms of quotes

What meetings we have

What needs doing re: marketing, billing, quoting, catchups, follow ups

About our plans for the weeks, months or even years ahead

One thing we set up several years ago was our birthday initiative.  A few weeks prior to the date, our CRM reminds us and we send out a handwritten business birthday card.

Better relationships = higher customer satisfaction

It’s no secret that a CRM system gives you improved knowledge about your customers, more opportunities to segment your data and increased ways to nurture and retain them. But did you know that it also enables you to better anticipate their needs and instigate timely and relevant communication?

To us business success is all about developing strong and sustainable trusted customer relationships. It’s based on us treating every one of them individually, not forgetting about them and being there when they need us. And if we need to use technology to help us achieve it, then that’s ok.

Managing relationships with ease

Whatever system you use, you can set up contacts, write notes on interactions, insert tasks or tags, instigate tracking, add opportunities, monitor projects/campaigns, agree calendar invites/reminders and streamline processes. All of this will enable you to improve the quality, relevancy and timing of communications, so you can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

All this vital information, along with a dashboard which shows our latest activity, progress on opportunities, a powerful search function, and integrations with Xero and Mailchimp, makes our CRM a key component in the smooth running of Pixooma.

Make a real difference

One thing we set up several years ago was our birthday initiative. When we chat with customers, we ask them about when they set up the business, month, year etc and the answers are then logged onto our CRM system. A few weeks prior to the date, our CRM reminds us and we send out a handwritten business birthday card.

It’s probably not a biggie in the whole scale of our regular customer communications, but it is one that has yielded some great feedback. Only this month we sent one such card to coach Libby Langley, as she was celebrating 10 years in business. Her response was brilliant. “Thank you!!! What a lovely thought - and I am stunned you remembered. Ten whole years. Thank you so much!! Well, obviously it’s all recorded in your CRM, so you didn’t have to remember, but that doesn’t detract from how happy it’s made me to receive your card.”

Making it personal

And in the summer our CRM systems flagged another decade in business for one of our trusted partners – marketer Vicky Boulton. Despite the fact she was instrumental in helping us to set up this business birthday campaign, she was surprised and delighted to receive her card. “It’s still on my desk, even after all these months. It’s such a lovely gesture and much appreciated. It’s so nice to know your business achievements are acknowledged with a timely card.”

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