Your business is much more

 than your logo


On its own, your logo is NOT important. Yes, you heard that right, a designer playing down the benefits of a carefully designed, bespoke logo. That’s unheard of surely? Probably, but the key words here were "on its own". Because let’s face it no matter how amazing, beautiful or clever your logo is, on its own it cannot explain properly what you do, highlight your ethics, solve your business cash flow issues or bring you oodles of new clients.

No for that you need other things to support you:

The rest of your corporate identity – those visual parts of your brand such as your fonts, imagery, colours, website, stationery, brochures and advertising

More personal brand attributes - tone of voice, messaging, vision, values, service levels and ethics

Spreading the word – engaging in regular and consistent communications whether that’s networking, meetings, proposals and/or social media updates to spread the word

Whether you are thinking about a change or not, refer to our branding checklist to make sure that your brand is working as hard as it should be.

Room to evolve

Of course, a logo is essential, and it pays to get it right. But a good logo also needs to evolve, whilst remaining functional. Sometimes these may mean some subtle tweaks, occasionally a complete redesign might be needed to remain relevant and engaging.

Whatever your need is, we strongly recommend that you only update your logo for a valid reason. Changing it on whim or because you’ve grown tired of it, or fancy a change are not good reasons.

Recently we have been involved in logo work with clients where the reasons to update their logo were completely justified and we enjoyed collaborating with them to get it right. These should highlight when a logo should be changed.

We had a customer who had a logo that a family member had designed. It wasn’t great in my professional opinion, but I didn’t pass comment because that wasn’t why she contacted me. She contacted me because her logo didn’t have a transparent background, so this made it less flexible. We created an updated version which had a transparent background, and we did this in black, white and greyscale for her – thus giving her the building blocks for creating a consistent and professional brand

We recently gained a couple of clients who needed a logo for their new business. In both cases they felt they needed something professional to build on – which is the key. It is nice to have a professional logo, but it is how you use it. In both cases we provided business stationery which helped show how that business journey could begin and demonstrated the beginnings of their new brand. They could choose to build on this themselves, get another designer to do so, or use us again, but the foundations are there

We are working on a new logo, which needs to reflect the owner’s unique personality and the recent changes that have been made to the business. For this, the logo needs to be appropriate and of course stand the test of time, without being tied to fluctuating trends

Whether you are thinking about a change or not, refer to our branding checklist to make sure that your brand is working as hard as it should be.

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