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Time to stop limiting yourself?

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds” ― Napoleon Hill

Failure is ALWAYS an option

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘failure is not an option’. It's often bandied about and used as a badge of honour, or perhaps a mark of bravado, but surely this is nonsense?

The importance of being different

It’s a good job that we’re not all the same! Not only do we run our businesses uniquely, but we also focus on different marketing activities and execute campaigns in our own inimitable style. But remember just because no one else is doing what you are doing doesn’t make it a bad idea.

The secret to success is not letting go

As anyone who runs a small business will tell you, things are far from plain sailing at the moment. Inflation, rising interest rates, increased operational costs, finding and retaining profitable customers, balancing profitability and growth and of course that all important one – cash flow can start to get in the way.

Competition winner interview: Cliff Bashforth

Cliff Bashford from Colour me Beautiful was delighted with his competition success and since February, Cliff and I have been hard at work generating ideas and pulling together his new magazine

A self-help book that challenges the selling stereotype

A self-help book that challenged the selling stereotype [wpseo_breadcrumb] By Are you a fan of self-help books? I’m not a super fan, but I do like practical guides that show you in a sensible and easy way how to improve yourself and/or your business. I don’t like the ones that: But if the writer is […]

Are you leveraging the power of free?

Are you leveraging the power of free? [wpseo_breadcrumb] By We all love a good freebie, but do you know whether it’s good news for your business or not? As a business owner, making money is essential, as you will have regular and necessary outgoings to cover, plus of course you want to make a profit. […]

You can’t hurry good marketing

Marketing campaigns used to take many months from conception to implementation. Now you can do a quick email to your prospects in minutes. But is speed a good indicator of quality, or are there other things that need to be considered?

Logos – what happens when you get it wrong?

Many of them are memorable, eye-catching, clever, colourful and above all highly appropriate. But just occasionally there’s a Friday afternoon job. You know the sort I mean?
If you make your business about helping others,
you’ll always have plenty of work.

Chris Guillebeau, Author

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