What is a brand review?

Your brand is essentially how your business is perceived and is influenced by the service you provide and the messages you convey in your marketing. However to even have a brand you need a solid corporate identity across all of your materials and that’s where our brand review can help. We will analyse all of your current marketing output and provide feedback regarding:

  1. Quality of Brand Guides, if available
  2. Corporate logo: Construction and versatility of design; the image it conveys; its use in all materials
  3. Supporting graphics and image choices: how appropriate are they?
  4. All marketing materials: Use of whitespace vs volume of content; proportion and visual Hierarchy; use of colour and typefaces; clarity of messages and Calls To Action; use of imagery and graphical elements; quality of print; and how responsive is the website?

For the review we would need you to provide copies of all of the following:

  1. Brand guidelines if available
  2. All marketing materials currently used (web, print, exhibition, adverts, social media posts etc)
  3. All marketing materials in production or in consideration for future use
  4. Any historic materials that are either examples of approaches that were successful, or were abandoned, or that provide a good insight into the development of the company and its marketing
  5. Details of all corporate websites and social media accounts

Pixooma brand meetings can be up to two hours onsite, followed by a comprehensive review report and costs £150 +VAT. Our review will help you to improve your graphics and marketing materials so you will create a stronger, more successful brand which will improve your credibility with customers and prospects alike.

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