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Do you need a printed brochure, or leaflet, to promote your company’s products and services and highlight benefits to your customers?

The key to a successful brochure or leaflet, comes down to great planning. A compelling design, coupled with interesting and engaging content, is capable of persuading customers to trust your business and take immediate action.

But if you are stumped and don’t know where to start…then talk to us.

Designing the ultimate marketing tool

At Pixooma, we can plan, create and print a quality, stylish and professional brochure, or leaflet, that will help your business to look and feel more credible.

You may think that having a marketing materials in today’s digital world doesn’t make sense. We disagree. A physical brochure/leaflet is more personal. It will engage and connect to your customer’s memory more effectively than its digital counterparts.

We can also help you to access additional skills, ideas and inspiration. Our trusted partners, who include talented copywriters, editors, photographers and printers, will work with you to create eye-catching and relevant marketing collateral, which will have a lasting impression.

The resulting product, will accurately represent your brand, promote your products and services and build trust. It will also be a powerful and effective tool for engaging and educating your customers in a cost-effective way. And because it is in printed form, it will more likely be kept as a permanent reminder of your business.

For added value, don’t forget we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We'd be happy to create a bespoke brochure, or leaflet, proposal to meet your needs, simply fill out our questionnaire and we’ll be back in touch shortly.

What to include

Your business brochure or leaflet should include the following as standard:



Corporate colours and styling

Engaging imagery

Focus on your target audience – show you understand their needs and have a workable solution to their issues

Compelling headline/subheadings

Concise and plain language

Testimonial/case study

Next steps or a call to action

Full contact details

CASE STUDY: Beyond Theory Brochures

Corporate brochure design for Beyond Theory
A brochure series aimed at different sectors
Corporate icon designs
'Ouch to wow' graphic

Pixooma have been our creative partner for the past 7 years. During this time, they have helped us to develop our brand to become Northamptonshire's leading experts in employee engagement and how this impacts customer experience. In addition, they have been instrumental in developing our marketing collateral and other materials that enable us to tell our story to our client-base.

Mark was responsible for creating our original brochures, so when they needed updating recently, we knew who to call. The project this time however, entailed combining a few brochures to produce one overall brochure, which reflected our complete offer.

Pixooma excelled themselves and produced a fabulous brochure, that we are justifiably proud of. It includes information on why we operate as a business, how we work with our clients, along with details on our products and services. New images were also included, which accurately reflected our culture and values.

The new brochure works well as a hard copy and as an online pdf, which can either be downloaded from our website or emailed to prospective clients. It has enabled us to build our brand. It is constantly being emailed to prospective clients and has added real quality to our sales process. We have secured several new and high value clients through the lockdown period and we know that the brochure has been a key part of our continued success, despite exceptionally challenging trading conditions.

Just think how brochures and leaflets like this could help boost your business!  Simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll provide you with a bespoke proposal to consider.

Pixooma always strive to provide their best work. It isn't just what they do, but the way they do it. They always challenge thinking and offer new ideas and better ways to achieve our own business objectives. They display patience and flexibility when inevitable amendments are necessary. Pixooma are a pleasure to work with - not just because of their expertise but also how customer-focused they are. Highly recommended

Paul Beesley

What's involved in producing a brochure or a leaflet?

Over our many years of experience we've developed a process which is designed to really understand your brand and its values, and deliver marketing materials you'll love.  And just as importantly, ones that will be flexible to meet all your future needs.

Getting to know you

Although we'll often have a quick chat with you to discuss your project, we find that our brochure/leaflet questionnaire is the best way to gather the key information and understand your challenges.

Once we have that information we can create a bespoke design proposal for you…

A proposal to suit you

We'll deliver your proposal to you in the way that you prefer: whether it's a full PDF proposal with every detail covered, a simple email outlining the key points or something in between.

And because we provide fixed prices for every project there'll be no nasty surprises at the billing stage, guaranteed

Once you've approved our proposal we're ready to get started…

Let's get started!

Depending on the number of pages, we'll either create a bespoke design concept for the whole document, or one featuring a few key pages initially. 

If we're using any of our trusted partners we'll introduce them to you at an appropriate point in the project, but we'll still be your single point of contact. So any concerns, challenges, and queries can be directed to us and we'll deal with them efficiently - that's our promise and our guarantee

Then it's time to proof and approve…

Proofing and approval

Although we run a thorough set of 'Preflight checks' prior to completing a project, the onus is on you as the client to ensure it's all correct.

We encourage you to check every proof carefully, and get a number of other 'eyes' on it to minimise anything slipping through. You may find these proofing tips useful, especially if it's something you haven't done before.

Then we can move onto delivery…


For an online version we'll provide you a final PDF file when you've approved everything so you can upload it to your website or email out to your clients or prospects. And we'll add it to your client portal*.

If we are using one of our trusted print partners we'll liaise with them and provide them with the files they need. They'll then deliver your finished marketing materials to you directly. A copy of the final "Press PDF" will also be added to your client portal*.

*Every Pixooma client is provided with a secure 'Client Portal' where you can find lots of useful content and links including all completed project files and your invoices.

Other examples of our brochure and leaflet designs

Onboarding brochure design for Broadwing Accountancy
Covid-Safe brochure design for VPK
Wi-fi leaflet design

Frequently asked questions

We'll guide you as much as you need from the initial conversation through to the finished product. And we'll agree in advance what you need to provide, and when.

If you have some great photography you can use, or are happy to search stock libraries for it then great, but if not we can take this off your hands. Similarly you can provide the text, or we can introduce you to one of our trusted copywriters.

And it isn't just the content, we can help you with. As one of our key principles is "Managing you and your project", we'll help you with scheduling and managing the project, and we'll even prompt you about your own agreed 'milestones' to ensure it stays on track. We're as invested in the success of your marketing materials as you are as Paul Beesley's testimonial above demonstrates.

One of the most common questions we get asked is "How long will it take you to design it?".

It'll vary with each project, but a good rule of thumb is to allow two weeks for us to create the initial concept and key pages (see the 'What's involved…' above). After that, allow two or three days for each new proof following amendments from you.

Actually though, what most people don't realise is that the biggest influence on the time taken to complete ANY project is you, the client. Clients tend to under-estimate how long they will need to check each proof and provide feedback, and their day-to-day work gets in the way and causes delays.

Therefore we generally do not give exact timescales because it's mostly out of our hands. However, if you had a specific deadline that MUST be met then we would agree milestones that you'd need to meet in order for it to be possible, and we'd agree our own to match.

Given the number of variables involved there is no one-size-fits-all answer:

  1. How many pages is it?
  2. Are we sourcing stock imagery for you? Or using one of our trusted photographers?
  3. Are you supplying the text? Or using one of our trusted copywriters?
  4. Are you using your own printer, or are we handling this for you
  5. Etc…

These are all questions that need to be answered before we can give you a bespoke proposal with a fixed price.

However we can give a very rough guide. Given its value to your business, expect a leaflet to cost around the same as your weekly household budget, and brochures will be more with a price dependent on the number of pages.

We'd be happy to provide you with a bespoke proposal – simply fill out our brochure/leaflet questionnaire

Our comprehensive process (see 'What's involved…' above) ensures that it's very unlikely that the concept we present is completely off-target.

However, even if it is, this isn't a problem. We simply use your feedback and our many years of experience to create a brand new concept that's much closer to your needs, and a better starting point for the project.

And don't worry, if we do need to start again, there is NO additional cost to you. The fees agreed at the start still apply, so you don't need to worry about escalating costs or nasty surprises in the final invoice. It's all part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

No. We provide a fixed-price proposal that includes ALL amends. That means we don't charge for 'additional rounds'.

The only exceptions are if the brief has changed since the project has started, or if you ask us to make major changes to parts of the project that were already approved. In these unlikely events we'd always tell you in advance the extent of the additional costs - so you'll never get a surprise at billing stage.

We find our clients are as keen as we are to complete the project so we've never had to charge extra.

  1. 50% Deposit – before any work starts
  2. 40% Interim – usually a key milestone such as delivery of first visuals or after an agreed time has elapsed
  3. 10% Completion – Only when the project has been completed to your satisfaction do we issue the final invoice

For an online version we'll provide you a final PDF file when you've approved everything so you can upload it to your website or email out to your clients or prospects (and we'll add it to your client portal*)

If we are using one of our trusted print partners we'll liaise with them and provide them with the files they need. They'll then deliver your finished marketing materials to you directly. A copy of the final "Press PDF' will also be added to your client portal*.

*Every Pixooma client is provided with a secure 'Client Portal' where you can find lots of useful content and links including all completed project files and your invoices.

No. And here's why…

  1. We're creative consultants and we operate collaboratively with you to fully understand your needs and provide bespoke solutions. If you don't like our designs then we'll go back and create new ones and work with you until you are completely happy. Pitching for work reduces the design process to a 'Beauty Parade' with a simple 'like/dislike' for every idea presented from each party. 
  2. We still have to take a lot of time and effort to create the design concepts and there is a possibility of losing all the time invested into it. And without the insights that a consultative approach brings (see point 1) this is much more difficult. Ultimately the odds of 'winning' naturally reduce with every new agency that's asked to pitch. Thereby increasing the chances that our investment in time and money will be lost.
  3. The concept of pitching for work seems to be something that almost exclusively happens within the creative industries and it's a real problem, as it seriously devalues the work of a designer and agency. You wouldn't ask your car mechanic, your financial advisor, or anyone else to produce work entirely for free and in competition with several others. 

Most importantly of all - YOU lose out with this approach. On the face of it, it seems like a good deal – you get multiple ideas to review (and for free) and then can work with the agency that produces the design you like the most. BUT, what if you don't like any of them? What if, with more information and insight one of the other agencies would have come up with a much better idea that you'd LOVE rather than picking the best of 'what's there'?

If you think that good design is expensive,
you should look at the cost of bad design.

Dr. Ralf Speth CEO Jaguar Land Rover

Call us on 01536 217007 or email us today for a no-obligation chat about your printed marketing materials project, or simply fill out our questionnaire and we’ll be back in touch shortly.

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