Maintaining a strong brand image

Having worked closely and regularly with Rockingham Motor Speedway on a multitude of projects they were confident in our ability to understand the various elements that form their overall brand image. We are able to create artwork that effortlessly ties in with their brand and existing materials. A strong corporate image can only be developed by ensuring that all of your materials follow a well-defined style and approach. If eeverything is different you will confuse and alienate your audience.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Not all design work involves starting from a blank sheet of paper and a brief, in fact established brands will normally have a substantial library of artwork that they have previously produced that can be used to inform the style of any new artwork and Rockingham had a vast library of work to refer to. For this particular project, they needed to create an advert for their British Touring Cars event to go into newspapers to promote it and we were able to use a wealth of references from existing posters, leaflets and web banners (some of which we had designed anyway) in order to create a design that was new, but seamlessly fitted into their established style for that event.


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