Treat others how you want to be treated!

In business, your continued success is partly down to the quality of what you are offering, but of more importance is how you are providing it. That’s why your customer service needs to be top notch. There’s a lot of negative press coverage for companies that deliver poor customer service. So, my advice is that  [Read more…]

Don’t take a big bite, have a nibble!

Feast or famine are words that are often associated with running your own business. And to be honest, last year served up some extra challenges, which have increased the need for me to be uber organised. In a year of change, one thing that we can probably all agree on is the need to develop  [Read more…]

How to craft the perfect homepage

When people want to learn more about your business and find out what you can offer, your website is normally the first place they head to. Which is why I believe your homepage – one of the most importance pages on your website and in effect your virtual front door – needs to shine. If  [Read more…]

Why are you ignoring me?

Would you buy from someone you didn’t know, but who kept turning up at your house and insisted that you bought something from them? And furthermore, they seemed genuinely hurt that you didn’t immediately jump at the opportunities they were offering? I guess the answer is no. Yet it’s interesting that online and even over  [Read more…]

Don’t design in Word!

Word is great. It’s a wonderful and efficient word processing tool. And whilst the software does offer templates and a basic layout tool for including images, graphs etc, it is most definitely NOT meant to be used for graphic design. You may have thought that this statement was obvious, but occasionally I’m sent flyers, brochures,  [Read more…]

When it comes to design and marketing – less is more!

We’ve all been to a doctor’s/dentist’s waiting room, or an office reception where there are a plethora of notices, leaflets and posters on the walls, tables and doors. With different coloured and sized typefaces, tiny copy – which is difficult to read, unattractive images and huge headlines that shout for your attention, it can feel  [Read more…]

Are you keeping in touch?

As a business owner, I try very hard to build strong relationships with clients, prospects, suppliers, partners and other business colleagues. I also invest a lot of time in making sure I maintain regular contact with them. This is for three main reasons as they are more likely to: Provide us with repeat business Refer  [Read more…]

Why does my design need ‘Bleed’?

Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen printed materials with noticeable white space around the edges, or part of the design (image or graphic) effectively cut off. This not only looks odd, but it can also give your audience the wrong impression about your brand. What is bleed? To get the results required, you need to  [Read more…]

The dilemma of home-made vs. professional

In the wake of Covid19, many of us have more time on our hands. Time to focus more on our businesses and perhaps learn a new skill or two. In addition, some of us have also got less money and our clients are also looking to maximise their budgets whenever possible. The right skills in  [Read more…]

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