Why does my design need ‘Bleed’?

Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen printed materials with noticeable white space around the edges, or part of the design (image or graphic) effectively cut off. This not only looks odd, but it can also give your audience the wrong impression about your brand. What is bleed? To get the results required, you need to  [Read more…]

The dilemma of home-made vs. professional

In the wake of Covid19, many of us have more time on our hands. Time to focus more on our businesses and perhaps learn a new skill or two. In addition, some of us have also got less money and our clients are also looking to maximise their budgets whenever possible. The right skills in  [Read more…]

Who do you trust in a crisis?

A crisis, like the one we are currently experiencing, brings out the best and worst in brands and businesses, and or course in customers as well. At a time when brand promises are being severely tested and there are a plethora of outrageous claims and guarantees – we need to know who we can trust.  [Read more…]

Good design is more than making things pretty

As a designer, I obviously want everything I create to look great, as well as being impactful and eye-catching. But good design isn’t all about making things look pretty, it’s about so much more, including: Functionality – if a tube map was to scale, image how big it would be! Presenting information in the right  [Read more…]

The Consistency Factor

Every day people make decisions about your business based on your reputation and your interactions and communications. To be successful, your brand needs to be consistent in three key areas – visibility, credibility and profitability. Visibility Not only do you need to constantly market yourself (social media, networking and meetings), but you also need to  [Read more…]

Walking the graphic design tightrope

I’ve never thought of myself as a natural acrobat, but when a client decides to engage my services, I feel like I am walking a proverbial tightrope. Essentially, I see my role as a facilitator, correctly balancing their needs with the right amount of specialist knowledge, expertise, advice and creativity. Every client comes to me  [Read more…]

How long till Christmas?

You know what – Christmas shouldn’t catch us out should it? Afterall it has occurred on exactly the same date for hundreds of years. Despite this, every year there is always someone buying food and presents at the very last minute. But it’s not just this time of year. I’m frequently asked how quickly we  [Read more…]

Exhibition success is in the planning

Just recently I had a number of businesses approach Pixooma that had booked a space at an exhibition, but they were in a bit of a panic. In each case the event itself was only a few weeks away at most, but they weren’t fully prepared and didn’t have all the materials they needed. To  [Read more…]

Do you trust reviews?

Genuine reviews and recommendations are incredibly useful: when a roofer was recently recommended to me – his advice saved me hundreds of pounds, but are all reviews equal? Fake Reviews Some companies give away products in return for the promise of a glowing review. Sometimes the good review isn’t from a customer at all –  [Read more…]

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