It’s good to ‘geek out’!

It’s very easy to look at a technique, app or system and dismissively think “I don’t need that”, or “that’s not for me”. I certainly felt that way about ‘Gantt Charts’. I thought they were a bit dull and boring and that I didn’t need them – maybe you’re thinking the same as me? Back  [Read more…]

Paying promptly

For small businesses, where cash flow is critical, being paid on time is vital. But to me, there seems to be a rather perverse imbalance when it comes to getting paid: The biggest players insist on prompt payment without any credit… When you go to a supermarket you pay as you take the goods. When  [Read more…]

What good is a guarantee?

In my last blog, I disagreed with an article which suggested a guarantee was a crazy thing to offer. You can read the full blog here. But in this blog, I want to look more closely at how useful a guarantee, brand promise or strapline actually is. Lots of companies use grand-sounding phrases, but what do  [Read more…]

You don’t have to be crazy…

I recently read an interesting article about how to deal with your designer if you don’t like what they’ve done. But it was one sentence that captured my attention: “…if the designer is crazy enough to have a “satisfaction guaranteed” clause…”. Pixooma has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so… Am I crazy? I don’t think so! I was  [Read more…]

Wish you were here…?

I recently came across this sign at a local cemetery and was utterly confused as to why it was there. Take a look at the image below and you’ll see what I mean… We’re telling you nothing. Nada. Zip! Graphic design – whether it’s a leaflet, website, or map – is about conveying information clearly  [Read more…]

You don’t need to go to Mars

Recently we learned that NASA’s Mars rover, ‘Opportunity’ had stopped working after a serious dust storm had hampered its solar panels, starving it of battery life. Now you might think, why on earth (or Mars) did they not give it better batteries or an alternative source of power? Well, the truth is that although NASA  [Read more…]

On its own, your logo is NOT important

Whaaat?! As someone whose living is based upon crafting carefully designed bespoke logos, surely this is a strange (if not daft) thing for me to say…? Not if you re-read that sentence again… The key is the part that says “on its own”. No matter how amazing, beautiful or clever your logo is, on its  [Read more…]

More about the ‘How’ than the ‘What’

One of Pixooma’s trusted web development partners, John Scotcher of Pearson Treehouse said something which resonated with me. In conversation with me and a client, he said: “…design is not about buying someone based on their portfolio –  it’s about buying into someone who can produce a bespoke design via a process…” And I think  [Read more…]

Why Visual Content should be a Vital Part of your Marketing Strategy

GUEST BLOG: Beth Williams of The Sales Manager What is Content Marketing? And why is it so important? Content Marketing is an approach to advertising which prioritises the creation and distribution of informative content over sales pitches. It’s important because, in the age of social media, content marketing is king! Have I said the words  [Read more…]

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