Information overload!

While sat in my local doctor’s surgery recently, I idly scanned the waiting room and realised that almost every available space on the walls, doors and reception desk was covered in notices and other bits of paper. Most of them were impossible to read, were poorly positioned and had similar titles such as ‘Information’, ‘Patient  [Read more…]

Watch out for drips!

We’re all familiar with ‘drip-pricing’ even if we’ve not heard the term before –  it’s the practice of advertising a ‘from £x’ price that’s difficult (or impossible) to actually get. Car dealers use a raft of ‘extras’ to slowly increase the bill Hotel rates only apply for a handful of days, and are twice the  [Read more…]

What a difference a day makes…

Ever been stuck trying to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem? Of course you have, we all have, and probably more frequently than we’d like. When I get stuck I use various ways to get a ‘fresh perspective’, and all of them have one thing in common – time. You need to step back and take time  [Read more…]

Handling rejection – pick yourself up and move on!

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered many very creative people who could produce wonderful visuals, but not all of them were good at dealing with ‘rejection’. Pixooma does not operate in this way. I’m sorry I don’t like them It can be a tense time when you first submit design concepts to a new client –  [Read more…]

Every day is a school day…

Ok, I’m a graphic designer and have spent over 20 years honing my skills, so does that mean I know everything? Absolutely not! A love of learning None of us ever stop learning and I love to expand my knowledge across the entire creative discipline: Finding out about new features in the professional creative software  [Read more…]

The Trust-o-meter: A ‘Black Hat’ story

In my blog, Heroes and Villains I explained how I believed ‘Black Hat’ and ‘White Hat’ techniques weren’t just restricted to SEO practices. In my opinion, they’re indicative of the overall ethics of a company. Which way is the needle pointing? I’ve always said that in my head I have a sort of ‘Trust-O-Meter’ that gives me  [Read more…]

Heroes and villains

Ever been duped, ripped off,  or generally bamboozled by a ‘Black Hat’ business? Techniques designed to improve search engine rankings (SEO) are described as either ‘Black Hat’ or ‘White Hat’. This is based on the idea in old Hollywood Westerns, where the ‘Good guys’ generally wore white hats and the ‘Bad guys’ black ones. ‘White Hat’  [Read more…]

Consistency, consistency,… and consistency

A trusted member of my network and referral marketing expert, Jacky Sherman of Asentiv knows success in networking comes from following Dr Ivan Misner’s principle of “Visibility, Credibility, Profitability”, and in that order. And I think one key principle of marketing underpins all of this… consistency. Visibility, Credibility, Profitability The principle goes like this: In  [Read more…]

I love it when a plan comes together…

I have always enjoyed problem-solving, even as a child I would try to find new ways of doing the most mundane tasks in order to make them faster, more efficient or more fun. Whether it was picking up leaves in the garden, washing my parent’s car, or any other chores, I was always thinking “is  [Read more…]

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