Are you an ‘invisible’ company?

One-third of the respondents in our ongoing graphic design survey (take part here) never employ a graphic designer, because they claim they “…don’t produce any marketing materials as such…”. Can this really be true or is there some misunderstanding of what marketing materials are? Certainly if 33% of businesses don’t do any marketing, then many  [Read more…]

Sorry… you’re not important enough

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you I’ve been busy with other client work…” What do you think when you hear this phrase, either directly to you as a client or from a contact who was told this by a supplier? As far as I can recall no supplier has ever said it to me  [Read more…]

2018 – The year of MORE!

Hopefully, you had a relaxing Christmas break and are back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the New Year? It can be difficult to get motivated when the day is so short, but now is a great time to put bold new plans into action! Making the most of winter daylight hours Having complete  [Read more…]

Do you like spam?

No, not the curiously compressed and rectangular meat-based foodstuff, we mean unsolicited emails. How many times a day are you bombarded with emails from companies you either: No longer want to receive emails from? Or worse still, can’t remember giving your details to in the first place? And it doesn’t matter whether the email is  [Read more…]

Why use a designer rather than a printer for your artwork?

When following up on a proposal recently, I was asked by the prospect to clarify what was different about what Pixooma would provide, versus other suppliers. Specifically one from a printer which was significantly cheaper. This was a great question and although I was able to answer it to some degree during our phone call  [Read more…]

Who’s responsible for this?

Taking responsibility is not just about owning up to mistakes (although I am a big advocate for doing that, and as quickly as possible), but it is about being proactively responsible as well. So this is normal behaviour, right? Nope… Recently I’ve begun to realise that something I do all the time and assumed was  [Read more…]

Use your head(er) but not too much…

Most of use at least one social media platform for business and in our personal lives, and each one allows us to personalise our pages, but what is the best way to do this? The imagery you use and the way you use it says a lot about you, and your business so be careful.  [Read more…]

No such thing as “that’ll do”

Our research has shown that a significant proportion of companies have concerns about hiring a designer or design agency. Some don’t know what to expect, some worry it is going to be a painful or drawn-out affair and there are those with concerns that they might not get what they want, or won’t like the  [Read more…]

Always assume it is wrong…

Proofing a document is easy isn’t? You just ‘take a look at it’, right? Wrong, and here’s why… Looks good to me… It’s natural when viewing a piece of marketing material you’ve created yourself (or commissioned someone to create), to look at it with the wrong ‘set of eyes’. “but…” I hear you cry “…I  [Read more…]

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