You haven’t bought a pizza yet

There is a worrying new trend in email mass marketing and one which frankly disappoints and infuriates me in equal measure, I am sure you have seen it as well… Bully boy tactics It starts with a ‘cold’ email offering their services, most often SEO or web development. The email talks about how great they  [Read more…]

Tell us the truth, we can take it – honest!

We feel that it is vitally important that our clients are honest with us. In fact, we would prefer it if they were brutally honest as it helps us to help them more! Say what you mean, not what you think we want to hear I think sometimes designers are seen as precious little flowers  [Read more…]

Honesty is the best policy

I have always taken the view that honesty is the best policy, and I had that philosophy confirmed today. In trying to get contacts for one of my target markets I was told that a potentially useful contact attends a mastermind group for larger businesses in the area, and I was put in touch with the  [Read more…]

The joy of tables…

It’s very easy to think that graphic design is all about highly creative ‘funky’ designs, with lots of weird and wonderful colours and typefaces. Although sometimes that is true, that isn’t its primary purpose, fundamentally, graphic design is about clearly communicating information and ideas. Simple is beautiful As much as I enjoy creating wonderfully creative designs,  [Read more…]

Can you spot them all?

Do you love a competition? Do you love FREE stuff? *****This competition is now closed***** Well, then you are in luck because our latest competition gives you the opportunity to win a FREE design from us, and all you need to do is Spot The Difference! We’ve used our Photoshop skills to make 11 differences  [Read more…]

#PixoomaMan has a name!

We have a winner! Congratulations to Stuart from iSuite for winning our #PixoomaMan competition. We loved the name ‘Pete the Pixel’ as it had a nice alliteration to it, had a connection to the work that Pixooma does and, well, it just felt right!   The stats… We’d like to thank all those who took  [Read more…]

Whirlpool left me hot under the collar…

… hot enough to catch fire! Tumble Dryer or Tumble ‘Fryer’? Earlier this year we discovered that our tumble dryer – which we had only purchased a few months earlier – was one of a number of models that was a fire risk due to a design fault, not something you want to hear! The  [Read more…]

How to lose business & alienate people…

Most people who go networking understand that it is not an environment to ‘sell, sell, sell’, but occasionally I meet people who just don’t get it. At a recent event I was talking to a couple who were not familiar with networking and so we had a great conversation about the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’, immediately  [Read more…]

It’s not just about the design

Recently I completed a series of projects for a customer and the feedback I received was very interesting, and confirmed a number of things I had been saying for some time. In my opinion 50% of my job is completed before I even open a software package – before I start any concepts I need to understand the  [Read more…]

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