Whirlpool left me hot under the collar…

… hot enough to catch fire! Tumble Dryer or Tumble ‘Fryer’? Earlier this year we discovered that our tumble dryer – which we had only purchased a few months earlier – was one of a number of models that was a fire risk due to a design fault, not something you want to hear! The  [Read more…]

How to lose business & alienate people…

Most people who go networking understand that it is not an environment to ‘sell, sell, sell’, but occasionally I meet people who just don’t get it. At a recent event I was talking to a couple who were not familiar with networking and so we had a great conversation about the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’, immediately  [Read more…]

It’s not just about the design

Recently I completed a series of projects for a customer and the feedback I received was very interesting, and confirmed a number of things I had been saying for some time. In my opinion 50% of my job is completed before I even open a software package – before I start any concepts I need to understand the  [Read more…]

Can you think of a name?

*****This competition is now closed***** We are running a competition this month to find a name for our new #PixoomaMan character and we’d love to hear your suggestions. Maybe you can think of a witty play-on-words, a creative use of Pixooma, or something to do with graphic design? Maybe you are a fan of anagrams or  [Read more…]

Are you talking the same language?

At a recent networking event I was given a really powerful example of how getting your message across clearly makes it so much more memorable, and how using the ‘wrong’ language can just lead to confusion… The event was held at Rolls Royce in Derby by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) and included a detailed tour of their  [Read more…]

Hello, is anybody there?

Recently Vicky Boulton of Fuel told us how Vauxhall’s incessant communications were driving her to distraction by sending her a constant of barrage of emails, flyers and text messages. However it can be equally frustrating if a company takes the opposite approach and stays infuriatingly mute, as I found out recently… How soon is ‘shortly’? Having had  [Read more…]

In search of the perfect logo…

A great logo is a key part of your corporate identity and getting it professionally designed is essential. We’ve all seen people wearing obvious wigs (or in Donald Trump’s case, having real hair that looks like a wig), but did you know that Sean Connery wore a hairpiece in every Bond film? Surprising isn’t it?  [Read more…]

The meetings are full of sharks?

I follow a blog on ‘Millo‘ because they have some interesting articles, and the latest one was no exception but it attracted my attention for all the ‘wrong’ reasons. You can read the post and my response here, but read on to find out my answers to the arguments it made… Not my experience… Essentially the  [Read more…]

Can YOU help me gain a different perspective?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and in running my own business I have learned to embrace the opportunities they create. Today I met with Pete Woolford who runs Black N Rounds, a specialist Motorsport tyre company based in Silverstone. Pete has extensive experience of the world of motorsport having worked within it  [Read more…]

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