Are you talking the same language?

At a recent networking event I was given a really powerful example of how getting your message across clearly makes it so much more memorable, and how using the ‘wrong’ language can just lead to confusion… The event was held at Rolls Royce in Derby by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) and included a detailed tour of their  [Read more…]

Hello, is anybody there?

Recently Vicky Boulton of Fuel told us how Vauxhall’s incessant communications were driving her to distraction by sending her a constant of barrage of emails, flyers and text messages. However it can be equally frustrating if a company takes the opposite approach and stays infuriatingly mute, as I found out recently… How soon is ‘shortly’? Having had  [Read more…]

In search of the perfect logo…

A great logo is a key part of your corporate identity and getting it professionally designed is essential. We’ve all seen people wearing obvious wigs (or in Donald Trump’s case, having real hair that looks like a wig), but did you know that Sean Connery wore a hairpiece in every Bond film? Surprising isn’t it?  [Read more…]

The meetings are full of sharks?

I follow a blog on ‘Millo‘ because they have some interesting articles, and the latest one was no exception but it attracted my attention for all the ‘wrong’ reasons. You can read the post and my response here, but read on to find out my answers to the arguments it made… Not my experience… Essentially the  [Read more…]

Can YOU help me gain a different perspective?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and in running my own business I have learned to embrace the opportunities they create. Today I met with Pete Woolford who runs Black N Rounds, a specialist Motorsport tyre company based in Silverstone. Pete has extensive experience of the world of motorsport having worked within it  [Read more…]

Always compare eggs with eggs

I often find that people can’t understand why their local printer’s prices for a few business cards are more expensive than Vistaprint. The answer is simple (and one that is timely given we’ve just had Easter!) – they are not ‘comparing eggs with eggs’. Vistaprint is a billion Dollar company whose entire model is based on  [Read more…]

What will be YOUR awesome story?

They say that everyone has at least one book in them and it’s just a case of putting pen to paper… Easier said than done we know, but if you never try you’ll never know. Let us explain with a short story… Simon Coster, a lorry driver by trade, had always invented bedtime stories for his children. Around a year ago  [Read more…]

Is your website future-ready?

As you can see our new fully responsive, CMS-driven site is live! What’s the big deal with ‘responsiveness’? The ‘responsive’ element means that no matter what device your site is viewed on (Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile…) the viewer gets your content presented to them in the best way possible. It avoids having to have ‘Desktop’ and ‘Mobile’ sites which  [Read more…]

Make it look pretty

Design is frequently misunderstood, it’s not simply about making things ‘look’ nice. Employing a designer to simply ‘pretty things up’ is missing the point. Your leaflet, website, poster, book, or whatever it is should look ‘nice’, but it also needs to ‘work’. It needs to entice the viewer to actually engage with your content, and be easy and logical to navigate so that  [Read more…]

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