Icarus Falconry – A model business

I had a fantastic day on Sunday courtesy of a lovely birthday present from my fiancé: a full day’s falconry experience at Icarus falconry. The birds were incredible – beautiful, elegant and graceful – I was enchanted! The surroundings were amazing: Icarus is based at Holdenby House in Northamptonshire, which is a beautiful stately home set  [Read more…]

My design philosopy

Let me put my cards on the table I am not a high-end, off-the-wall, crazy-art-project style designer, I don’t do incredibly wacky, deeply conceptual graphic pieces. My style is much more corporate in nature – but that’s fine because the sort of work my clients’ expect is going to be more business-based, which is a  [Read more…]

URL GREP – Simplified!

In an earlier post “Get to grips with GREP” I spoke about my early experiments with GREP (Regular Expressions) and how amazingly useful they prove to be. Recently I started revisiting some of the GREPs I had been using in the magazine I produce for RCI and realised I could simplify them. Think Laterally Initially  [Read more…]

Marketing – it doesn’t have to be scary

I am well aware that the word ‘marketing’ just like the word ‘design’ can make people run a mile as they assume that it’s going to be prohibitively expensive and filled with impenetrable jargon (such as the words in the image to the right). Similarly not everyone sees the value in it, but for me  [Read more…]

Get to grips with GREP

Okay, strictly this is probably a post that will mostly interest my fellow print designers, but in reality the subject matter is one of efficiency which effects the cost of a job for the customer. Intrigued? Then read on… What on earth is GREP? If you want the technical definition it can be found on  [Read more…]

You may not get it ‘Your Way’

There are many online services where you can get your business cards, website or logo produced for bargain basement prices, but there is also a catch. It’s not that there is anything wrong with any of these services, it’s just that they fulfil one purpose only – price. If price is the only driver in  [Read more…]

Logos deserve your attention

Recently I had lunch at a café which had a very ‘quirky’ logo using a strange (possibly homemade) font and a thin and delicate graphic, which to my eyes as a designer spelled all sorts of trouble. The café seemed to be doing a good trade so you may argue that the ‘quality’ of the  [Read more…]

Just because it looks simple…

…it doesn’t mean it is. Graphic design and logo design in particular can sometimes be such that the final result doesn’t adequately convey the work that went into creating it. Take for instance  the last time the BBC changed its logo in 1997 (BBC Logo – wikipedia article). Cynics would argue, and with some justification that  [Read more…]

Installing WordPress? – check here first!

Prior to setting up this blog I hadn’t worked with WordPress before so I found this post on the River Graphics site to be incredibly helpful. It starts from the very beginning – installing the WordPress software – and takes you through the whole process one step at a time, in a very carefully thought-out tutorial. I  [Read more…]

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