Make it look pretty

Design is frequently misunderstood, it’s not simply about making things ‘look’ nice. Employing a designer to simply ‘pretty things up’ is missing the point. Your leaflet, website, poster, book, or whatever it is should look ‘nice’, but it also needs to ‘work’. It needs to entice the viewer to actually engage with your content, and be easy and logical to navigate so that  [Read more…]

Active Reports logo design

IsSoftware Ltd is an established business specialising in creating bespoke software application design. They commissioned Pixooma to design a new logo identity for their brand new web application: ‘Active Reports’. The icon can be used as a standalone identity and is designed to scale well to a small size so that it can even be used  [Read more…]

Pixooma – a new start!

Pixooma gets serious! I’ve been trying to build Pixooma as a freelance business for a few months now whilst working within RCI’s studio as Lead Creative, but it has proved to be an impossible balancing act! So a little while ago I took the bold decision to use my (nearly 20 years) of experience in design to  [Read more…]

Responsive Web Design

It used to be that website design was mainly a static affair, which involved designing for the screen-size or monitor size that was most appropriate. Over time monitors became bigger and resolutions increased so designers were able to tailor their concepts to the growing screens available. However with the advent of internet-enabled TVs and the  [Read more…]

Icarus Falconry – A model business

I had a fantastic day on Sunday courtesy of a lovely birthday present from my fiancé: a full day’s falconry experience at Icarus falconry. The birds were incredible – beautiful, elegant and graceful – I was enchanted! The surroundings were amazing: Icarus is based at Holdenby House in Northamptonshire, which is a beautiful stately home set  [Read more…]

My design philosopy

Let me put my cards on the table I am not a high-end, off-the-wall, crazy-art-project style designer, I don’t do incredibly wacky, deeply conceptual graphic pieces. My style is much more corporate in nature – but that’s fine because the sort of work my clients’ expect is going to be more business-based, which is a  [Read more…]

URL GREP – Simplified!

In an earlier post “Get to grips with GREP” I spoke about my early experiments with GREP (Regular Expressions) and how amazingly useful they prove to be. Recently I started revisiting some of the GREPs I had been using in the magazine I produce for RCI and realised I could simplify them. Think Laterally Initially  [Read more…]

Marketing – it doesn’t have to be scary

I am well aware that the word ‘marketing’ just like the word ‘design’ can make people run a mile as they assume that it’s going to be prohibitively expensive and filled with impenetrable jargon (such as the words in the image to the right). Similarly not everyone sees the value in it, but for me  [Read more…]

Get to grips with GREP

Okay, strictly this is probably a post that will mostly interest my fellow print designers, but in reality the subject matter is one of efficiency which effects the cost of a job for the customer. Intrigued? Then read on… What on earth is GREP? If you want the technical definition it can be found on  [Read more…]

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