Christmas is coming… are you prepared?

It’s never too early!

Here at Pixooma we think that you simply can’t plan far enough ahead for Christmas, because the more time you can give to your designer the more creative ideas they can provide. In some cases, they might be able to come up creative solutions that just wouldn’t be possible if the deadline was closer.

Certainly, Phillippa Walker of Rockingham believes in planning ahead as she contacted Pixooma in June to discuss their Christmas Party marketing campaign. This may seem early but many companies will start planning Christmas events around this time, so venues need to have their marketing material ready to compete against their numerous rivals in the corporate party sector.

Start with the images

The job started with an A5 double-sided flyer design. Although there were a few elements we could take from the previous year’s design (Christmas tree and snowflakes graphics) Rockingham asked us to make this design more photography-based, but they were concerned that they didn’t have any imagery that would work in the format required. After some careful searching in stock libraries we found the perfect image in terms of content but unfortunately, it was cropped rather tightly to the top of the champagne glasses, making the image more difficult to work with. However, by judicious use of some photoshop expertise we were able to create a new ‘Bokeh’ effect to extend the image which then allowed us to blend it into the blue background so that the text would remain legible.

Too much text?

The next problem was the volume of content required for the A5 flyer. Naturally, Rockingham wanted to ensure that they adequately promoted the various packages available, including menu and entertainment options, but this resulted in a large volume of text. However, by logically breaking down the content so that the most functional detail was on one side and by creating a hierarchy of text with varying font sizes we were able to present a lot of information neatly, whilst still creating an inviting leaflet design that was legible and attractive.

During our standard pre-press checks, we identified that one of the images that had been supplied was below the optimal resolution and when we queried it with Rockingham it appeared that a provisional placeholder image from Google Images had slipped through into the supplied files. However, we were able to help find a suitable replacement by using our experience in searching for stock images.

Once the flyer design was approved we created designs for social media and web banners, email footers, and A3 posters in both landscape and portrait orientations so that there was a consistent approach across the various elements of the campaign.

How can we help you?

Are you ready for Christmas? Perhaps you are a venue that needs to advertise to the Christmas party market, or a company putting on a Christmas party that needs a high-quality flyer and ticket design? Whatever your need, we can help so please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your project.

Rockingham Christmas Party Leaflet

Rockingham Christmas Party Leaflet

Rockingham Christmas Parties Linkedin Header Banner

Rockingham Christmas Parties Linkedin Header Banner

Rockingham Christmas Party Poster

Rockingham Christmas Party Poster

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