Designed to get attention

Nishi Patel of Northants Accounting has big plans to accelerate the expansion of his company and so needed a unique direct mail design to help him stand out from his competitors. He contacted us as he knew we could provide a creative concept to match his ambitions.

Infographics are the way to go!

Nishi wanted to produce a poster that he could send to all his prospects that would:

  1. Be attention-grabbing, so that it would stand out from all the other direct mail the company receives
  2. Be well-designed and interesting enough to ensure that it was actually received by the intended recipient, rather than discarded by a PA or receptionist as junk mail
  3. Be attractive so that it would encourage the recipient to put it on their wall or keep it safe
  4. Use good design principles so that the information was easy to read and understand

We used our extensive experience to create an infographic poster that was subtly branded to Northants Accounting*, and which provided a lot of useful content in an engaging and attractive layout. Nishi was extremely happy with the final outcome and has had some good feedback from the initial run of posters he has sent out.

*Nishi was concerned that it should be a useful poster first and foremost and not a blatant advert which is more likely to get discarded
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