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Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

Word is great. It’s a wonderful and efficient word processing tool. And whilst the software does offer templates and a basic layout tool for including images, graphs etc, it is most definitely NOT meant to be used for graphic design.

You may have thought that this statement was obvious, but occasionally I’m sent flyers, brochures, adverts and even logos in Word, which a client wants me to work on so they can use them in their business. I have also been asked if I can provide my finished design in Word. I usually have a quiet word and explain the difference between it and the specific graphic design packages that I use and which don’t covert to Word.

You wouldn’t attempt surgery with an axe. And although it isn’t as lethal, using Word for your leaflet, newsletter or poster is equally as inappropriate

The right tool for the job!

If that’s still a little confusing, I often use the analogy that if they were in dire circumstances in the middle of the wilderness, you wouldn’t attempt surgery with an axe. And although it isn’t as lethal, using Word for your leaflet, newsletter or poster is equally inappropriate as it:

Is difficult to control – placed images will jump around, or off the page with the slightest change to text or layout and text flow easily gets distorted.

Offers limited font options

Often looks completely different from one version to the next

Is not set up for professional print production – no bleed etc.

Looks less polished and can be frustrating to use

Essentially, If you want a professionally designed document that is graphically rich, or a unique layout with the possibilities of bleed or spreads, you’ll require more powerful software than Word. Examples of applications which are used for graphic design include InDesign, Quark Xpress, Photoshop or Illustrator.

It’s about more than software

Good graphic design is a subtle art that considers many skills. Typography, white space use, image selection, alignment and the creation of tone and texture etc. As a graphic designer I have spent many years learning these skills to create truly creative and professional layouts which work well for your business. So, with my knowledge and expertise, combined with the right design software, you’ll always get a professional and attractive layout with:

Accurate and controllable paragraph styles

Endless layout, colour, image and font options

Typography control (fine tuning of lines and letter spacing)

Placed images that stay put

Quality control and output for both print and web

So next time you have something that needs designing, don’t even think about using Word. Instead drop me a line and together we can help you to achieve design perfection.

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