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“[I] worked with Mark at Wyndham/RCI for several years and can highly recommend him, not only for his creativity and skill in design, but as a very efficient, logical and totally reliable professional. My team produce the RCI member magazine - Endless Vacation - which is published in over 20 editions and in 16 languages. …Mark gets the brief, first time, and delivers. He is not afraid to challenge and takes immense pride in the finished product. …[he] improved the look and feel of the magazine and, despite setting him seemingly impossible deadlines, he has never once let our Publications team down or failed to deliver a quality product…” Helen Foster
Marketing Manager, RCI Publications

Client: RCI

Relationship: Employer

Background: RCI is a division of the firm Wyndham Worldwide. Founded in 1974 by Jon and Christel DeHaan, it has grown to become one of the larger brokers of timeshare trades and has evolved from that into travel clubs. Mark Coster of Pixooma was employed by RCI as Lead Creative in their in-house studio from Oct 2007 to April 2014 and was involved with a wide range of exciting projects. One specific responsibility was the design and production of RCI’s B2C magazine ‘Endless Vacation’ (previously ‘Holiday’) which included the design of all editorial and features.

Project: This was part of a redesign of the whole magazine undertaken by Mark, which included redesigning the look of the news section of the UK and European language editions.

This artwork is the copyright of (and is reproduced with the kind permission of) RCI.


Magazine Design Editorial Section Design

Endless Vacation Magazine Design - Editorial section design

News section example 2

Endless Vacation magazine – News section – Artwork

News section example 2 – Full artwork

Endless Vacation magazine – News section – Artwork

News section example 1 – full artwork

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