Every day is a school day…

Ok, I’m a graphic designer and have spent over 20 years honing my skills, so does that mean I know everything? Absolutely not!

A love of learning

None of us ever stop learning and I love to expand my knowledge across the entire creative discipline:

  1. Finding out about new features in the professional creative software I use, to help me to create even better designs
  2. Learning keyboard shortcuts that help me be more efficient
  3. Finding out more about the history of key graphic design projects and brands
  4. Learning from other creative experts: Ways to improve my creative output further and provide a better service to Pixooma’s clients

A literary goldmine

This is why it was so great that Jo and I found a fabulous bookshop in Herefordshire called Aardvark Books, when we on holiday in the area. Aside from the usual collection of thrillers, romantic fiction, military history and philosophy it stocked the most wonderful and extensive collection of books on art, architecture, craft and design. After spending a blissful couple of hours there I made a number of really interesting and useful purchases:

  1. Logo Life: The history of many global brands and how their logos have evolved. Not only great for reference, but also possible subject matter for future Pixooma presentations
  2. Logo and Logotype: Reference guides on logo design – showing hundreds of existing brands, all categorised by style and composition. Useful as creative inspiration, but also to try to ensure that I don’t inadvertently create something too close to an existing design
  3. Know your Onions (web and graphics): Guides on graphic design, web design and running an agency. Great to confirm what I am already doing well, what could be improved and also ideas I hadn’t considered
  4. Notes on Design, Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat and 75 Tools for creative thinking: Books and interactive ‘cards’ designed to help with creative problem-solving. These have already helped streamline our logo design process and they will also be helpful for creative solutions to issues within the business such as marketing problems, developing new services and improving processes.

Don’t you know this already?

You may think it odd for someone in my position and with my experience to purchase books on the subject I already work in, but there is always room to learn. For the books that cover some of the more fundamental aspects of my business, it is great to confirm that the methods and philosophies I’ve developed over the years are valid and appropriate. And there are always at least a few nuggets of wisdom I can draw upon even if the majority of the content is merely a refresher. Also, it’s great to have a physical reference library, beyond just using Google, (which we know is not the fountain of all knowledge), when I have a query on something specific.

Continuous improvement

My business plan includes a section of personal and creative development as I want to ensure that I continually improve my creative ability and the way I run my business. Pixooma may be the second-highest rated creative agency in the UK on Google, but that is no reason to rest on our laurels. So if you’d like to talk to an agency that believes in investing in personal development to better serve its customers, give us a call!

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