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Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

Just recently I had a number of businesses approach Pixooma that had booked a space at an exhibition, but they were in a bit of a panic. In each case the event itself was only a few weeks away at most, but they weren't fully prepared and didn't have all the materials they needed.

To be fair in some cases there were factors that were beyond their control, but each of these problems would have been less critical if there was more time available.

Despite some very tight deadlines, we were able to help each of the companies meet the dates and have a successful exhibition, but it got me thinking, why would they all leave it to the last minute?

Maybe when businesses book an exhibition way in advance to get an early-bird discount, they feel they can relax? When it is months or even a year away it doesn't seem like a high priority.

Exhibitions can be expensive. Organisers generally ask for a hefty deposit and the balance often needs to be paid months before the actual show. This puts a strain on budgets and perhaps it can be tempting to look at the marketing needs when the bank balance has recovered.

You'll get everything you need, on-time, on-brand and stress-free, guaranteed. And, it's all dealt with via an affordable monthly fee so your cash flow is protected

The problem is no matter how far away the exhibition appears to be, deadlines have a habit of creeping up on you. And leaving things to the last minute can open up all sorts of potential pitfalls: Ineffective (or utterly absent) strategies; poor planning of materials; unresponsive or unavailable suppliers; and terrible designs that damage your brand and make the whole exercise a pointless waste of budget.

This is why I recently introduced a new Pixooma service - fully comprehensive exhibition packages that deal with the planning, design, and execution of your exhibition. You'll get everything you need, on-time, on-brand and stress-free, guaranteed. And, it is all dealt with via an affordable monthly fee so your cash flow is protected. If you'd like to know more simply fill out our exhibition questionnaire.

And if you are thinking about exhibiting whether you need our help or not, check out our five-part tips series to exhibition success - starting with strategy.

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