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Do you need quality, bespoke and eye-catching exhibition graphics or displays, to attract attendees to your stand at a business event? Perhaps you need to make your home office space look more professional for online meetings, networking or conferencing?

Your exhibition and display materials provide a unique opportunity for potential customers to see, hear, touch and experience your product or service first-hand. The better they look, the more chance you have of giving a good first impression of your business.

If you want no stress and no fuss... trust us to do the hard work for you.

Boost your brand

At Pixooma, we take the time to get to know your brand, what message you want to communicate and the services or products you want to highlight. We will also talk though any ideas you have and/or readily share our own. Once we’ve learnt more about your event requirements, we use our knowledge and skills to design something striking and unique that will enable your business to stand out from the competition, not once but time and time again!

There are many different types of exhibition and display materials, everything from shell and modular schemes to backdrops, wall boards, exhibition panels, pop up displays and roller banners. Whatever you choose, we will work with you to deliver beautifully branded items that will work hard to raise awareness of your brand and encourage greater engagement with your target audience.

And thanks to strong relationships with our team of trusted partners, we can put you in touch with copywriters, photographers, exhibition providers and printers who will go the extra mile to ensure you have everything you need to effectively promote your brand.

Having fully branded and innovative exhibition and display materials, including creative imagery and graphics, will help you deliver your key message, present a superior offline or online experience and generate optimum results for your business.

For complete peace of mind, don’t forget we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We'd be happy to create a bespoke exhibition and displays proposal to meet your needs, simply fill out our questionnaire and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Your event checklist?

Your event checklist?

To make sure your exhibitions and displays don’t disappoint, the following checklist will help.

Event or marketing channel research

Budget and timings

Event goals and objectives

Stand size/layout

Staffing/other support on day

UK or overseas event

Storage and transportation

One-use or multiple use

Types of materials and finish

Call to action/follow up

CASE STUDY: Purchasing for Parks exhibition designs

Popup display and roller banner designs

Gurvinder Patara approached Pixooma for help in designing and producing branded exhibition and marketing materials for a forthcoming event. Although it was last minute, we didn't hesitate and stepped in to help.

We provided Gurvinder with a selection of design options so he could review and consider the alternatives. This enabled Purchasing for Parks to work with us to develop the ideas further, before a final decision was made on the look and feel of each piece.

We worked very closely with the printers to address any technical and specification queries, and were able to answer these promptly and ensure all artwork was received as requested. This proactive approach meant the project was completed within the agreed timelines and met the given budget too.

In just two weeks a large stand, counter and pull up banners were ready. Not only did they look amazing with eye-catching imagery, but they also reinforced Purchasing for Parks’ professionalism, high standards and benefits. We ensured all marketing materials had consistent branding, messaging and calls to action. All of this helped to promote the brand effectively, gain greater visibility and enable Purchasing for Parks to stand out from other exhibitors.

The exhibition went well, generating interest and leads for the business. The exhibition and marketing materials have been used at other events since and continue to work hard in raising awareness of Purchasing for Parks products and services and highlighting the benefits to holiday, theme, attraction and farm parks owners.

Just think how a exhibition display like this could help boost your business!  Simply fill out our questionnaire and we'll provide you with a bespoke proposal to consider.

I have known Mark from Pixooma for a number of years – he is a great partner to work with. He's been instrumental in my branding, as well as the design of other marketing and exhibition materials for the business. A great source of knowledge, advice and support, he always goes the extra mile and often picks things up that I have missed. I consider Pixooma an extension of my team, they're very reliable and would be a great asset to any client

Gurvinder Patara

Founder and owner, Purchasing for Parks

What's involved in producing a display or exhibition stand?

It's not just the design of the stand itself we can help you with – our project management experience means we can guide you through every stage and ensure your project is kept on schedule – which means we'll remind you when your key deadlines are due as well.

This is one our key Pixooma Principles and it's what makes us different.

Getting to know you

Although we'll often have a quick chat with you to discuss your project, we find that our exhibition questionnaire is the best way to gather the key information and understand your challenges.

Once we have that information we can create a bespoke design proposal for you…

A proposal to suit you

We'll deliver your proposal to you in the way that you prefer: whether it's a full PDF proposal with every detail covered, a simple email outlining the key points or something in between.

And because we provide fixed prices for every project there'll be no nasty surprises at the billing stage, guaranteed

Once you've approved our proposal we're ready to get started…

Let's get started!

We'll create a bespoke design concept for all the elements of your stand and work with you to refine them until you're completely happy. 

If we're using any of our trusted partners we'll introduce them to you at an appropriate point in the project, but we'll still be your single point of contact. So any concerns, challenges, and queries can be directed to us and we'll deal with them efficiently - that's our promise and our guarantee

Then it's time proof and approve…

Proofing and approval

Although we run a thorough set of 'Preflight checks' prior to completing a project, the onus is on you as the client to ensure it's all correct.

We encourage you to check every proof carefully, and get a number of other 'eyes' on it to minimise anything slipping through. You may find these proofing tips useful, especially if it's something you haven't done before.

Then we can move onto delivery…


If you're using your own printers or exhibition supply company we'll provide the approved artwork to you in the required format. And we'll add it to your client portal*.

If we are using one of our trusted print partners we'll liaise with them and provide them with the files they need. They'll then deliver your finished exhibition materials to you directly. The final 'Press' files will also be added to your client portal*.

*Every Pixooma client is provided with a secure 'Client Portal' where you can find lots of useful content and links including all completed project files and your invoices.

Other displays and exhibitions we've designed

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Roller banner design

Frequently asked questions

We'll guide you as much as you need from the initial conversation through to the finished display materials. And we'll agree in advance what you need to provide, and when.

If you have some great photography you can use, or are happy to search stock libraries for each issue then great, but if not we can take this off your hands. Similarly you can provide the text, or we can introduce you to one of our trusted copywriters.

And it isn't just the content, we can help you with. As one of our key principles is "Managing you and your project", we'll help you with scheduling and managing your project, and we'll even prompt you about your own agreed 'milestones' to ensure it stays on track. We're as invested in the success of your magazine as you are as Gurvinder's testimonial above demonstrates.

One of the most common questions we get asked is "How long will it take you to design it?".

It'll vary with each project, but a good rule of thumb is to allow two weeks for us to create the initial concept (see the 'What's involved…' above). After that, allow two or three days for each new proof following amendments from you.

Actually though, what most people don't realise is that the biggest influence on the time taken to complete ANY project is you, the client. Clients tend to under-estimate how long they will need to check each proof and provide feedback, and their day-to-day work gets in the way and causes delays.

Therefore we generally do not give exact timescales because it's mostly out of our hands. However, if your exhibition is imminent and you have a deadline that MUST be met then we'll agree milestones that you  need to meet in order for it to be possible, and we'd agree our own to match.

Given the number of variables involved there is no one-size-fits-all answer, and there are a number of questions that need to be answered before we can give you a bespoke proposal with a fixed price.

We'd be happy to provide you with a bespoke proposal – simply fill out our exhibitions questionnaire

Our comprehensive process (see 'What's involved…' above) ensures that it's very unlikely that the concept we present is completely off-target.

However, even if it is, this isn't a problem. We simply use your feedback and our many years of experience to create a brand new concept that's much closer to your needs, and a better starting point for the project.

And don't worry, if we do need to start again, there is NO additional cost to you. The fees agreed at the start still apply, so you don't need to worry about escalating costs or nasty surprises in the final invoice. It's all part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

No. We provide a fixed-price proposal that includes ALL amends. That means we don't charge for 'additional rounds'.

The only exceptions are if the brief has changed since the project has started, or if you ask us to make major changes to parts of the project that were already approved. In these unlikely events we'd always tell you in advance the extent of the additional costs - so you'll never get a surprise at billing stage.

We find our clients are as keen as we are to complete the project so we've never had to charge extra.

  1. 50% Deposit – before any work starts
  2. 40% Interim – usually a key milestone such as delivery of first visuals or after an agreed time has elapsed
  3. 10% Completion – Only when the project has been completed to your satisfaction do we issue the final invoice

If you're using your own printers or exhibition supply company we'll provide the approved artwork to you in the required format. And we'll add it to your client portal*.

If we are using one of our trusted print partners we'll liaise with them and provide them with the files they need. They'll then deliver your finished exhibition materials to you directly. The final 'Press' files will also be added to your client portal*.

*Every Pixooma client is provided with a secure 'Client Portal' where you can find lots of useful content and links including all completed project files and your invoices.

No. And here's why…

  1. We're creative consultants and we operate collaboratively with you to fully understand your needs and provide bespoke solutions. If you don't like our designs then we'll go back and create new ones and work with you until you are completely happy. Pitching for work reduces the design process to a 'Beauty Parade' with a simple 'like/dislike' for every idea presented from each party. 
  2. We still have to take a lot of time and effort to create the design concepts and there is a possibility of losing all the time invested into it. And without the insights that a consultative approach brings (see point 1) this is much more difficult. Ultimately the odds of 'winning' naturally reduce with every new agency that's asked to pitch. Thereby increasing the chances that our investment in time and money will be lost.
  3. The concept of pitching for work seems to be something that almost exclusively happens within the creative industries and it's a real problem, as it seriously devalues the work of a designer and agency. You wouldn't ask your car mechanic, your financial advisor, or anyone else to produce work entirely for free and in competition with several others. 

Most importantly of all - YOU lose out with this approach. On the face of it, it seems like a good deal – you get multiple ideas to review (and for free) and then can work with the agency that produces the design you like the most. BUT, what if you don't like any of them? What if, with more information and insight one of the other agencies would have come up with a much better idea that you'd LOVE rather than picking the best of 'what's there'?

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!
Wow is the one to aim for

Milton Glazer, Graphic Designer

Call us on 01536 217007 or email us today for a no-obligation chat about your displays project, or simply fill out our questionnaire and we’ll be back in touch shortly.

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