Handling rejection – pick yourself up and move on!

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered many very creative people who could produce wonderful visuals, but not all of them were good at dealing with ‘rejection’. Pixooma does not operate in this way.

I’m sorry I don’t like them

It can be a tense time when you first submit design concepts to a new client – all your research, your evaluation of the brief, and follow up questions have lead to this point. You’re confident that you’ve completely understood them and delivered a design that will wow them. But…you don’t know for sure until you actually hear back from them or see the expression on their face.

But if the client doesn’t like some or all of the designs, as a professional graphic designer I always tell myself the following:

  1. It’s not personal – don’t make it so
  2. It’s a great way to get the actual brief
  3. It’s an opportunity to rework the designs

Stick to design, leave the drama alone

As a designer when you involve the client along the way and take on board any comments or concerns, it becomes easier to deliver the designs they want to see without any drama.

So if you are at all worried about whether you’ll like your designer’s ideas (like some in our survey have been) I would just say this:

  1. Don’t be. On the rare occasions where you don’t like any concept that’s proposed, the feedback you provide will be invaluable to your designer. With it, they’ll be able to get started on new concepts for you without a problem
  2. If this does seem difficult for them, or they seem confused or dazed, then perhaps consider a different designer/agency. There are plenty out there that would relish the opportunity and can deal with ‘rejection’ better

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