Heroes and villains

Ever been duped, ripped off,  or generally bamboozled by a ‘Black Hat’ business?

Techniques designed to improve search engine rankings (SEO) are described as either ‘Black Hat’ or ‘White Hat’. This is based on the idea in old Hollywood Westerns, where the ‘Good guys’ generally wore white hats and the ‘Bad guys’ black ones.

‘White Hat’ SEO methods focus on providing a better user experience and valuable content in order to rise up Google’s rankings. ‘Black Hat’ SEO uses underhanded ‘tricks’ to try to circumnavigate Google’s algorithm and take advantage of temporary ‘loopholes’. I don’t think that these approaches are restricted to SEO though…

It’s not just for SEO – Everyone wears a hat

I believe business-owners broadly think in one of the two following ways:

  1. White Hat: What genuinely useful, and high-quality service(s) can I offer to my customers that can be justifiably priced at a premium level?
  2. Black Hat: What can I make a lot of money on, ideally in a short period of time, i.e what ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme can I exploit?

I’m a firm believer in a ‘White Hat’ approach – i.e providing the best service possible, and adding real value. Pixooma is not the cheapest provider of graphic design services around, but the higher prices we charge are reflective of the enhanced service we provide:

  1. One of our key principles is that we always put our clients’ interests before our own. We would never advise you to undertake a project that does not deliver tangible benefits or isn’t capable of adding significant value to you and your business
  2. We provide a fixed price proposal for each project so that there are no hidden extras or unwanted surprises.
  3. We don’t charge for extra amends, everything is included in the project fee so that you know what you are paying from day one
  4. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with every project, so there’s absolutely no-risk in with working with us

Our ‘White Hat’ approach means we’ve received more Google 5* reviews than almost any other creative agency in the UK.


Always check their hat

There are many ‘black hat’ business-owners and they aren’t always easy to spot. Take care when selecting suppliers and where possible gather reviews and recommendations from those you trust.

There are a wealth excellent design agencies and freelancers, but it’s clear from our Graphic Design Survey that there are some that are not as ethical as they should be. We’ve heard stories of clients being let down in terms of:

  1. Slow or poor delivery
  2. Failing to live up to their promised standards
  3. Trying to manipulate clients for their own gain.

Our focus at Pixooma is always customer-first and we are always happy to have a no-obligation meeting about your project, and working with us is risk-free as you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so why not give us a call?



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