How do we compare?

A recent report compiled in association with the Design Business Association has highlighted some interesting results from both a client and agency perspective, so we thought we’d take a look at them and see how we measure up. Obviously, this is a subjective view, but we’d love to hear your views on how you think we are doing, or indeed on the subject of the report generally.

What clients think 2017

  • 87% of clients view ‘Good Design’ as a very important contributor to brand success.
    That’s a good start and good to know. We know we are biassed but we agree!
  • Clients hate jargon, especially the use of words such as ‘Integrated’, ‘Storytelling’, ‘Digital’ and ‘Full Service’
    We deliberately avoid the usual agency clichés. Rather than blow our own trumpet we felt our work, our testimonials and our guarantee should speak for themselves.
  • Clients tend to take a fairly functional view of the agency website. There is a general dislike of anything overtly clever or flashy that gets in the way. For new business purposes, the agency website is about the fast extraction of useful information.
    Our website is designed to showcase our client’s work as that is the most important aspect of our business, we try to keep it simple and easy to use rather than showing off.
  • 68% of clients believe that most agency websites fail to communicate the agency’s difference.
    We’d like to think that our website (as per points 2 and 3 above) shows we are different, but when we update the site we perhaps should concentrate more on testimonials and our guarantee. What do you think – do we show our USP adequately enough?
  • 57% of clients believe that website case studies lack business context
    We don’t feel we have got this quite right yet, but it is something we are constantly refining and trying to improve. We create a bespoke case-study each time that tries to convey the key issues the client had and how we solved them, but we’d always appreciate your input on this to make them more useful to you.
  • On average each client received 17 new approaches from agencies EVERY DAY! Add to this that 92% of agencies HATE cold calls anyway…
    Blimey, that is a huge figure. That is why we carefully market to select companies and produce bespoke campaigns that are relevant to them, otherwise, how would we differentiate ourselves from all the ‘background noise’?
  • 79% of clients say they are too busy to see speculative agency presentations especially when they are simply about the agency’s credentials, after all, most of this information is probably available on the agency’s website. One reason that agencies cite for actually responding to a cold enquiry are that the agency has produced a campaign idea that is relevant to them
    See our point above
  • The top three concerns agencies had about using smaller agencies were that they will ‘be too stretched’, ‘too dependent on one or two key people’ and that the ‘client service will not be as organised’
    Pixooma may be an agency with only one graphic designer currently, but in fact, we have worked hard over the years to foster some really strong partnerships with a whole range of specialisms, including other graphic designers. That way we are far more flexible than you might at first expect. In terms of organisation, we believe it is one of our key strengths having developed a sense of clear and proactive communication over many years. For us, the customer service is just as important as the actual work
  • In terms of the top five ‘expectations’ clients have of their existing agency, creativity actually comes third, behind being ‘on time and on budget’ and ‘challenging’ them
    We pride ourselves on our project management and timely responses to clients and we offer fixed price quotes with no hidden extras. We also try to make sure that we use our experience to guide the client (see our previous blog… tell-us-the-truth-we-can-take-it-honest) and so we won’t just become ‘brief-takers’.

These are some of the key findings of the report, but you can read the whole thing here. It is very well presented and designed, and the results make for some interesting reading. We’d love to get your feedback on the report generally, but also how you think Pixooma fairs in comparison, so please do share your thoughts!

What Clients Think

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