I don’t like the design

What if you don’t like your designer’s initial concepts? Can your designer simply present alternative ideas, or will your project grind to a halt? Plus, how much could additional rounds of amends cost? This can be an issue, but not when you work with Pixooma because we:

  1. Calmly use your feedback to ensure the next proof is much closer to your expectations
  2. Guarantee a fixed price service, so there are no nasty surprises on your final invoice

An illustration…

We’re currently designing a logo for a local charity and unfortunately, the first round of ideas were rejected. So we quickly gathered their feedback and sent them some entirely new ideas, as well as some concepts we’d initially rejected from our shortlist procedure. Although some of these new concepts were favoured by some stakeholders, there wasn’t a strong preference for any of them from any of the parties.

Rather than becoming dejected (or frustrated with the client) as some designers might, we understood the need to regroup and objectively analyse what was happening. In doing so we realised the best approach was to meet with the client and all the other stakeholders so that we could discuss all the concepts together, and agree on the way forward. In doing so the next proof will bring us much closer to a concept that will be agreed by the board.

Committee decisions can be tricky

There is always an inherent risk with creative decisions made by committee. It’s generally difficult to get a consensus and the chosen design can sometimes simply be the idea that is ‘least disliked’ by the most people, i.e a ‘compromise’ that practically no one actually loves or favours – hardly an ideal situation. At Pixooma we’re keen to demonstrate our expertise and avoid this scenario. Our thorough process and assurance not to charge any additional fees, helps clients to achieve a bespoke, professional logo that is appropriate and both loved and championed by key stakeholders. It’s worth pointing out here that in almost all cases your new logo will never please everyone (no global brand ever achieves this – as this article on rebrands demonstrates.

We’re different – talk to us 🙂

If you’re worried what’ll happen if you don’t like a designer’s first concepts then come to talk to us. We don’t get stressed if our ideas are not what you want to see, and we always have plenty of alternative approaches to show you. And to get more examples of how we’re different from some creatives you might encounter, simply sign up to our emails and select ‘Blog’ from the available subjects.

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