I love it when a plan comes together…

I have always enjoyed problem-solving, even as a child I would try to find new ways of doing the most mundane tasks in order to make them faster, more efficient or more fun. Whether it was picking up leaves in the garden, washing my parent’s car, or any other chores, I was always thinking “is there a better way?” I still constantly seek the most efficient way to do a task or multiple tasks together, even today.

That’s what design is about

Which is why graphic design is such a great career fit for me. Because design is not just about making things look good, at its heart it’s about solving the client’s problem. On a small scale, it’s about presenting a wealth of information in a logical way that means that the viewer/reader can find the information intuitively, making the most of a limited source material, or working around a restrictive specification. Whilst at a higher level, it’s about presenting the information in an enticing way to attract the attention of the intended target market.

Before all that starts though, there are other problems to be solved:

  1. Understanding what the client wants, even if frequently they aren’t sure themselves or can’t adequately communicate it to you
  2. Explaining technical terms to people who have no previous exposure to the industry
  3. Dealing with short deadlines or conflicting requirements.

All of this requires creative thinking and sometimes a more lateral approach. I love the process of understanding the client’s needs, analysing the problems, prioritising the most pressing issues and applying a creative approach that fulfils (and hopefully exceeds) the requirements of the brief. I also generally love the act of learning – give me facts! Whether it’s new skills, or simply quiz-knowledge, I love it all!

Useful transferable skills

When running a business there are a number of other problems that need to be solved as well:

  1. Time management: What is the priority order for the tasks that need doing – which will bring the most value to the company?
  2. Processes: How can I streamline my business operations? If I do a task regularly, how can I turn it into a defined process that will save time, or even better can I automate it?
  3. Time: What elements of my business can I outsource now? And in the future?
  4. Marketing: What is the best way to approach my target markets? What channels would bring the most benefits? How do I test my assumptions?
  5. Sales: How do I maximise my sales opportunities? How do I increase my conversion rates or create opportunities for upselling and cross-selling?
  6. Service: How can I ensure I continue to provide the best service possible? How can I continually improve to offer my customers more value?

What makes me a little unusual is that I am not solely focused on the aspect of my business which I trained in. I also enjoy every one of the challenges listed above (and countless others) that come from running your own business.

That’s why I started my creative agency – Pixooma

To paraphrase ‘The A-Team’ (sorry for the 1980’s reference): “If you have a problem and need a creative solution then Pixooma can help”. And unlike the A-Team, finding us isn’t a problem, you can find all our contact details here!

And to get our blogs sent straight to your inbox, simply sign up to our emails if you haven’t already.


Image used courtesy of ‘Sponki25’ on Flickr, under CC licence Attribution 2.0 Generic
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