Icarus Falconry – A model business

I had a fantastic day on Sunday courtesy of a lovely birthday present from my fiancé: a full day’s falconry experience at Icarus falconry. The birds were incredible – beautiful, elegant and graceful – I was enchanted! The surroundings were amazing: Icarus is based at Holdenby House in Northamptonshire, which is a beautiful stately home set in an exquisite landscape.

However what really added to the experience was the staff – they couldn’t have been more welcoming and their experience was very reassuring. Even when I had a 7.5lb Black Eagle on my arm, with talons and a beak that could tear me apart, I felt totally safe as long as I followed their expert tuition. With every bird that I had the pleasure of handling I knew that I could trust the staff implicitly and it allowed me to simply relax and revel in the fantastic experience I was having.

My aim is to approach my business the same way that everyone at Icarus Falconry does: reassure my customers that they are in safe hands because I have the expertise and experience to guide them through their project, whilst treating their work and them with the utmost respect. I can only hope that my customers are as happy at the completion of a project as I was at the end of my experience day.

Thank you to Mike Hewlett and his entire team at Icarus Falconry!



Black Eagle



Eagle Owl


‘Pedro’ the Burrowing Owl

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