Iconfinder: Find high-quality icons quickly

Ever needed an icon or graphic for a social media post or leaflet? You might be tempted to find one on Google Images, but as we’ve said before it’s not a free image library and we’d advise caution when using it to search for genuine commercially-licensed images. A much better alternative is Iconfinder.

What is it?

Iconfinder is a website with a wide range of icons and graphics for you to download and each one costs a couple of dollars or less, some are even FREE (you can filter the search for free icons only). With nearly 2.5m icons to choose from you’re likely to find something to fit your needs – and of course, if you can’t we’d be happy to help, just give us a call. There are just a few tips to consider…

Keep the style consistent

There are a wide variety of graphic styles, but it is important to make sure any icons you choose are similar in style otherwise your design will look inconsistent and messy.

Keep your graphic styles consistent

Mixing 3D colour, flat, detailed, and simple icons in one design will make your design look unprofessional


Take your time

As with stock images, we’d advise taking time to search carefully – simply taking the first option you see on page one probably won’t get you a good result. Also be specific – you’ll reduce your search results, save time and get better, more appropriate options to select from.

Make changes

Iconfinder now boasts a simple, but effective icon editor which allows you to change the image to fit your needs. This includes the ability to delete, move, rotate and scale various parts of the icon as well as change colours, alter proportions and even draw your own shapes and add text.

Select the right file format

You can download your icon in a range of file formats, but in most cases, we’d suggest that for your own use you download a PNG file. This is a versatile image file with a transparent background meaning you can seamlessly place it over other parts of your design. The other key formats are AI, which your graphic designer will want, and an SVG which your website designer may want.

Do we use this site?

We can (and do) create lots of icons, but sometimes there is no advantage to doing so if someone has already created a perfectly good version that we can use (or use part of). In most cases, we’ll use our experience and professional software to modify icons to ensure consistent styling. or take elements from several files to create the exact graphic we want.

Icons are one small part of any graphic design layout, but they can make or break it. If you’d like help or advice with your icon needs then give us a call. And if you found this useful then sign up for our Useful Tools and Apps emails, to get articles sent straight to your inbox!

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