Information can be beautiful

Explaining the structure of your company is so much easier if you can use a diagram to clearly show every department and its staff. But organisational charts can still be a bit dull. We were approached by a business that didn’t want your average corporate structure diagram – they wanted something that would be an infographic in its own right and could be celebrated and displayed within their offices.

An infographic as wall-art

Arolite provides a comprehensive catering supplies service to businesses throughout the UK, and they wanted an org chart that was unique to them. The aim was that it would become one of many branded information boards adorning the walls of their Northamptonshire office.

After meeting with the team we created a design using graphical cues from their existing materials and branding to create an infographic that they loved, and which is flexible enough to cope with future staff changes as they happen.

Who do you know that needs to represent complex information in an easy-to-read and attractive way? We’d love to have a no-obligation chat with them and it would be great if you could put us in touch.

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Arolite Organisational Infographic

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