Information overload!

While sat in my local doctor’s surgery recently, I idly scanned the waiting room and realised that almost every available space on the walls, doors and reception desk was covered in notices and other bits of paper. Most of them were impossible to read, were poorly positioned and had similar titles such as ‘Information’, ‘Patient information’, and ‘Important information’, which didn’t help.

Drowning in detail

Essentially I felt like I was suffering from an information overload. It’s a common problem, not only seen in receptions and noticeboards but in magazines and online too as businesses try to cram every detail about what they do into a small advert, leaflet, poster or space. But there is another way.

Say more with less

  1. Stick to the key message and write it concisely: create a snappy and informative headline and use appropriate imagery
  2. Provide any additional information either in a leaflet or easily accessible online
  3. Make sure you embrace the beauty of white space and correct placement so your message stands out

Success by design

If you’re still struggling, then look no further. At Pixooma we don’t just take what you provide and make it ‘look pretty’ – we find out what the purpose of your promotional/information materials is, what the key message is and create a design that works much better as a result. If that sounds like the sort of creative partner you’d like to work with then get in touch. And if you liked this blog, sign up to our emails today and select ‘blog’ from the available subject options.

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