Just because it looks simple…

…it doesn’t mean it is. Graphic design and logo design in particular can sometimes be such that the final result doesn’t adequately convey the work that went into creating it. Take for instance  the last time the BBC changed its logo in 1997 (BBC Logo – wikipedia article). Cynics would argue, and with some justification that the supposed £1.15m cost (source: HUH Magazine) was incredibly high given that it was still just ‘B’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ in boxes, albeit no longer slanted.

However, reactions such as “…how could it possibly cost that much to make those small changes…” and “…anyone could have done that…” are suffering from an immense dose of hindsight. If the design agency had simply provided the BBC with a proof of the current logo and sat back to wait for their cheque then such reactions would be justified. The reality however is that they would have been given a wide brief with a remit to encompass the entire BBC brand and all its sub-brands across print, the web, and of course TV.  They would then have produced a number of initial concepts and doubtless gone through many different proofing rounds, combining, converging and refining ideas until the final logo was born. This would have been a lengthy process and it is entirely reasonable to suggest that the initial brief gave free reign to explore some quite different styles and concepts, but that (as is often the way with very large corporate bodies), committee approval meant that a more conservative approach was required in the end.

I don’t think that Pixooma will be invoicing for a £1m project any time soon (!), but we still go through the same processes when designing logos for our clients and it takes time: Requesting a clear brief; analysing the brief and creating initial concepts; round of amends to narrow the focus and then refine the chosen logo; and finally the presentation of the finished logo in a multitude of file formats and with a brand guidelines document.

Your logo says who you are and what you represent. Are you serious, restrained and corporate or are you playful, quirky and irreverant? What sort of business is it: technical, leisure, travel, science, food… etc? Most important of all the quality of the logo says even more – if it is shabby, cheap-looking or badly executed then this speaks volumes to a potential customer. Your logo is the heart of your brand, call us today to arrange a free consultation and see how we can help.

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