The League of Legends

Thank you to all those who have entered our ‘Spot The Difference’ Competition. So far every entrant has successfully found the 10 differences needed in order to qualify for the draw, but for those of a competitive nature here is a leaderboard of those who have found the ‘bonus’ elusive 11th difference! Details on the competition can be found here.

The League Of Legends

In order of entry submission…

The Fab Five – Full bragging rights to you as the first ones to crack all 11 differences…
(Ok there are 6 entrant in the Fab ‘Five’, but we didn’t want to be the one adjudicating between Chris and Edit as they provided their answers at the same time!)

Simon Langham – Unumbox

Janet, Kath and Chris  – Braunston Print

Kate Goodman – Kalida Business Solutions

Alan Berck-May – ABM HR Services

Edit Gardner – Gardner Webb Accounting AND Chris Lambert – Blue Sky Computer Solutions*


The other entrants into the league of legends
You may not have been in the first 5 (ok 6), but you clearly have a competitive streak and for that, we salute you!

Victor Petrescu – Store First

Kate Denne – KDVA

Michelle Walker – Forever Living

Rodney Hogg – Rodney Hogg Wines / Amps Fine Wines

Kay Buckby – The Development Company

Alex Isherwood – Service MOT Repairs

Wendy Tate – Bean Counters Bookkeeping

Ruth Dyer – RDVA

Caz Pearce – Union Marketing

Emma Williams – Phoenix Training

Tony Stace – Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Natalie Pewsey – Your Virtual Assistant

Frank Smethers – Spectrum Linguistics and Performance Development

Terry Cattle – BCR Associates

Curt Wilkinson – Dvelop.IT

Robert Chadwick – Travel Counsellors

Can you be next?

*Chris and Edit submitted their answers at the same time and we didn’t want to be the ones to decide who qualified for the Fab Five, so we bent the rules, just a little 🙂
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