A new player, but with a wealth of experience

“Pixooma created the logo and brand guidelines for Ballyhoo PR with minimal direction. The process was smooth and the service personal. We are very happy with the results and I am sure we will use Pixooma again.” Emma Speirs
Ballyhoo PR

Emma Speirs’ company, Ballyhoo PR maybe a new entrant to the PR, editorial and copywriting market, but she has a wealth of experience and wanted to ensure that she started in the right way. It would be too easy to simply get a free or low-cost logo from an online resource, but Emma recognised the value in a bespoke logo from an experienced graphic designer.

Image is everything

Emma knew that in order to succeed and gain credibility as quickly as possible her logo needed to reflect who she was. It needed to:

  1. be highly professional
  2. be clean, modern and attractive
  3. be flexible for the many different ways in which it will be used
  4. suggest that she is a young and vibrant company
  5. suggest that she works in communication

The chosen design was very well received by Emma and has been used extensively in her marketing to ensure that she has a strong brand image to build upon. We also produced a detailed ‘Logo Guidelines’ document to help her maintain brand consistency.

Whether you are a startup that needs a new, professional logo, or an existing brand that need to update its corporate identity, Pixooma can help. We’ll carefully guide you through the process to avoid pitfalls which will cost you money in the long-term. Our initial consultations are free so call us today to see how we could help you

Logo design for Ballyhoo PR

Logo design

Logo guidelines document for Ballyhoo PR

Logo guidelines

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