Marketing – it doesn’t have to be scary

I am well aware that the word ‘marketing’ just like the word ‘design’ can make people run a mile as they assume that it’s going to be prohibitively expensive and filled with impenetrable jargon (such as the words in the image to the right). Similarly not everyone sees the value in it, but for me it’s all about the relevant skills. I can use woodworking tools and probably eventually produce a passable approximation of a table or cupboard, but a professional carpenter will do the job in a small fraction of the time and the end product will be immeasurably better. Even better, I’ll be able to use time that I saved to do something I definitely am good at.

Stick to what you are good at:
You maybe doing your own marketing at the minute and feel that you are doing alright, but if you want to take your company to the next level I have a suggestion for you. Our preferred marketing partner is Fuel Marketing and their details are below. They have a similar approach to business to the way we handle graphic design here at Pixooma: i.e they are experienced professionals who can talk to you in plain English (without all the jargon) and they can give you practical help in deciding the best way to publicise your business.

Company: Fuel
Contact: Vicky Boulton
Telephone: 07766 566690

Contact them today to see how they could help boost your business!

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