Proof through demonstration

“Mark [from Pixooma] provided a superb service from start to end. I can fully recommend both his eye for detail and professionalism.” Nick Chambers
Mobile Loyalty Technologies

Nick Chambers new startup, Mobile Loyalty Technologies was aimed at providing loyalty-marketing technology to medium-to-large corporates and Nick was eager to ensure that his website performed both visually and functionally to the highest standard. After all if his website didn’t work effectively on mobiles for example, that would hardly inspire confidence in his prospective customers!

Having successfully completed the Mobile Loyalty Technology logo design, Nick was confident in Pixooma’s ability to deliver a great product, and quickly commissioned us to start the design process.

A creative approach

As a startup, the budget was limited to some extent and so we agreed with Nick that we would source a suitable WordPress Theme as the basis of the approach rather than starting from scratch. We then rebranded the theme and created new designs that could be fitted to the existing framework of the theme. The main requirements for the design were:

  1. to be well designed to attract customers in larger corporates
  2. work equally well on all devices, but especially mobile
  3. be clean and simple, and therefore easy to navigate

Onwards and upwards

The new website was well-received by the client and prospects alike, and the new business this developed enabled them to move on to the next stage of their business plan and expand the business further.

If you have a website project you’d like to discuss, then contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. All our work is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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